40 Janja messages and quotes to inspire a future of change

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Always engaged in political and social causes, Janja, Lula’s wife and companion on his reelection journey, has inspired everyone with his faith in a better Brazil. To know your trajectory, as well as the guidelines you defend, check out the selection of first lady messages and quotes that motivate resistance and hope.

Janja messages and quotes to encourage you to have optimism

Lights of Hope! Brazil will smile again.

We fought for a country of peace, without weapons, where women do not live in fear. This is Brazil of hope we want. We are together.

Joy will take possession!

Investing in women’s economic autonomy is to trigger coping processes.

Nothing can stop the arrival of spring!

Football, a wonderful sport that arouses not only the passion for our teams, but also the union that Brazil needs so much.

Love. The key that opens the hearts.

Women are always the first to feel the effects of inequality.

It is the women who will decide this election. Women who will help rebuild our country, Brazil of Hope.

I learned that God is synonymous with love, compassion and, above all, peace and respect. No matter what the religion and which creed.

Racism is a crime and only perpetuates inequalities … The anti -racist struggle is of all and all.

We know that most Brazilian families are headed by women who put food on the table. It’s time for us to reconstruct our country.

I am a purposeful person, who goes there and does…

Being linked to a religion of African matrices only gives me pride. Perhaps this represents a little of what Brazilians and Brazilians are. I am that person who is thrilled with the Father’s speech at Mass, but also with the drum, with the hymn of praise to God.

I saw hope to get out of a prison.

The important thing is to sing without fear of being happy.

When I speak resignify, it may not be the concept itself, I may want to resignify the content of what it is to be first lady, bringing some important things, important guidelines for women, people in general, to family… A more articulation role with civil society

The face of Brazil’s hunger is the face of women.

Youth can and will change the nefarious direction that Brazil is.

The resistance will rise the plateau ramp. (Referring to your dog called Resistance)

Our biggest challenge is to awaken, rekindle the flame of solidarity in the Brazilian population. I think it’s not erased, just need to be blown. The Brazilian people have always been the people of solidarity and love.

national sovereignty is one of the greatest goods that a democratic nation of law can give to its people!

As long as there is racism there will be no democracy!

Our voices need to come together. Enough of violence against women. It is unacceptable that this follows. My solidarity and support for all women who suffer violence.

In Brazil, we started a walk to become a fairer, more democratic and with respect to human rights.

I am certain that in the end, happiness will prevail !!! We will live and win!

Our flag is stained with red, blood red of murdered women.

Respect is what every Brazilian deserves!

Let’s vaccinate fake news! Search for truths, report news or information liars.

Fighting LGBTFobia is to guarantee freedom, respect for each other, is the representation and expression of love!

It’s time to save lives in Brazil, not to guide the sale of a heritage of the Brazilian people.

There is no princess here, only woman of fighting.

At the same time that I am thrilled with the solidarity of people, I saddened myself to see families living again with food insecurity.

In our field, you only play with love and truth.

We cannot naturalize hunger, we cannot lose the ability to indignate in the face of hunger.

Freedom will reach us, but will not be signed by those who have defrauded justice!

Yes, the hope is that it moves us.

If the Brazilian government encourages violence, I do not get used to it. My revolt is my resistance!

I won’t help you, I won’t be a helper, I will be by your side, together, struggling so we can give, again, the hope that these people deserve!

May the wind come to bless us and carry all evil away from us!

The first lady was always interested in political and social issues long before meeting her husband. Born in Paraná, he graduated in Social Sciences working at the Itaipu Hydroelectric Power Plant with programs aimed at sustainable development.

Lula and Janja, who show much affection and partnership in the networks, approached in late 2017 at the inauguration of the ENFF soccer field, officializing dating only the following year. The marriage took place in early 2022 with the theme “Luar do Sertão”, bringing together artists and politicians.

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