40 indirect messages and quotes for ex who will make it clear that you followed your life

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Are you tired of your ex boyfriend wanting to get your attention and do everything to have you back?

See our list of indirect messages and quotes for ex who will make it clear that in your life there is no more room for him and that you are very well alone! Check it out.

Indirect messages and quotes for ex who show that for you ended up

Ex evil is to think it’s unforgettable.

If it was good, it would not exist current.

7 billion people in the world and you there thinking about coming back with your ex.

Since you don’t want me anymore, I will spread my love around.

We surpass from the moment you understand what you deserve!

Nothing against you, but if you want to spend the rest of your life without appearing in front of me, I thank you.

the face. Too bad it is not worth 1 real!

Life always takes care of taking what we don’t deserve to carry.

It was my great love, today is just another ex.

too full to be half someone.

loved your smileā€¦ Today I prefer mine.

If I cut you out of my life, there is a great chance of you having given me the scissors.

One hour we get tired. And finally, disenchants.

You are nothing more in me, no memories, no longing, no hopes.

You don’t deserve 1% of the love I gave you.

I, for you, I’m a loss. You, for me, are deliverance.

Who does not assist, opens the competition, loses preference, is in need and can handle the consequences.

After the charm is not “I love you” that does miracle.

What you do not value, life comes and takes.

It’s sad when you realize that you rejected other people for one who was not worth your time.

Love? I loved. To like? I liked. But now I don’t even want to free.

You know you’re on the right track when you lose interest in looking back.

If you didn’t take care, it’s no use crying, because now I’m going to take care of me!

You were worth it, now it gives me a pity.

Life is made of choices and forgetting was the best I did.

and if it doesn’t work, my heart is smart, you won’t stop beating.

This time I don’t fall into your lip and it is already our fairy tale.

I lost the charm. It seemed to be everything and it wasn’t so much …

I just just need any man!

I warned you that one day I would get tired, and I got tired.

I already forgot you and you stay there thinking it’s proud.

I trusted, you disappointed. I was sad, you didn’t even care. I loved you, today I love me.

I got tired of suffering. I got tired of hurting myself. I got tired of you.

Every day, I care less. Any day, I don’t care anymore.

Do you miss me? Back to the past, that’s where I wanted you.

Ex only fits one thing: spoiling the plans I had.

My love, I’m already another and, being another, I’m not yours anymore.

Every ex badly beloved is jealous of the current one.

It was you who wanted this way, now don’t cry when you see me happy with another.

Lucky definition is to have overcome you from my life.

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