40 Happy Birthday messages and quotes with God to celebrate the gift of life

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Birthday is a special day to be celebrated with great joy! Nothing better than celebrating with God’s presence and blessing, isn’t it? Take the opportunity to check out these happy birthday messages and quotes with God, choose your favorite messages and send to all your birthday contacts to thank the gift of life given by the Father!

Happy Birthday messages and quotes with God to celebrate the date with many blessings

Happy Birthday! May God bless you and keep you always, becoming present at every moment of the days of your life!

Happy Birthday! May our Almighty God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to pour out much health, peace and infinite joys. Cheers!

Congratulations and happy birthday! May our mighty God bless your life richly, giving you much health, years of happiness and many accomplishments. Great kiss and stay with God.

Happy Birthday! Congratulations! God bless you today and always. Let it be another year to glorify His presence in your life.

Congratulations! May this date give you gifts full of peace, harmony, health and joy. May God bless and protect every minute of your life. Happy Birthday!

God bless you and all that you do on that day, may the Lord do this date a memorable day that he always reminds him that he never leaves you. Congratulations and happy birthday!

Happy Birthday! May God continue to bless your life immensely. Lots of peace, health, success and happiness to you.

God bless this day and can give you to what your heart wants and needs, realizing all the dreams that glorify your name. Happy Birthday!

Every day they are a blessing from God, but today is a special date. Another year we celebrate the gift of life of someone he has chosen to be light to the nations! May he always guide you, with much love and affection.

Blessing rains in your life! May God grant you peace, health and joy to walk towards the promised kingdom. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May our Lord God always be present in your life, blessing you and granting you all the possible graces!

Happy Birthday! Remember: greater gift we can receive is God’s unconditional love and the gift of life to manifest it!

Happy Birthday! May your life be marked by good things, achievements and smiles. May God bless you and grant you many graces!

Congratulations! May today and every day of your life be guided by the Lord God, for only Him comes to true happiness. Happy Birthday!

Your birthday is a gift from God, for it is on this day that we celebrate your life, a sign of divine love for us. So thank the Lord for another year of celebration! We yield glory and praises to him for you to exist.

Congratulations! Happy birthday and let the sky cover you with God’s blessings.

How good it is to be able to celebrate another birthday of yours! And may God fill you with glory, joy and love. Congratulations, my dear.

That on this special date, you can feel all the affection of God for you! After all, life is the greatest gift he could give us. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations! May God enlighten you, guide you and protect you every day of your life. Happy Birthday!

That the flowers that adorn their road bring the scent of health, peace and many joys with the blessing of God. Happy Birthday!

that this is a anniversary full of the presence of God. May He bless you immensely and lead your steps in the right direction! Congratulations and much happiness!

This is a special date: it’s your birthday! My congratulations to you. I wish God bless you a lot in each of your days!

That, on your birthday, God’s love can overflow especially today to be present throughout the coming year. Be very happy!

God loves you too much, so gave you the gift of life! That on this birthday you can see all the good he has done and has done for you. Best wishes!

Happy Birthday! I wish you health, success, long life and many joys with your family. May God protect you!

May your birthday be a new cycle in the presence of God, with many blessings and the purest love of this life! Cheers!

God is so generous and proof of this is that you can celebrate another birthday full of health, love and surrounded by amazing people. Congratulations!

May God continue to illuminate your life, showing the best ways and fulfilling all your dreams. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May God be present today and always in life. That you can walk the paths he chooses without ever questioning.

Happy Birthday! A rain of blessings of the Lord on this special date. May He grant you all the love, peace and happiness of this world!

Have a happy birthday! May the Lord Jesus open all the doors of his beautiful life and illuminate all his ways. Much health and happiness!

May God’s mercy be present in your life today and ever. Happy Birthday!

Another birthday, one more cycle that begins. May you celebrate this date with God’s love and blessings. After all, you deserve it! You are a sign of divine goodness to those who know you.

Happy Birthday! May God bless you powerfully and all the other years of your beautiful precious life. Cheers!

May our almighty God fill you with your love and guide your life in this new stage. May you always be blessed by his love. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! Everything I want to want you is a shower of God’s blessings to nourish your dreams!

Happy Birthday! God always blesses genuine, humble and good people like you! And today it is likely that the blessings are double, as it is your birthday.

May God pour a lot of love, peace, wisdom and affection in your life today and ever. Happy Birthday!

May the infinite love of God be present at this special date! He loves you too much and wants to always see you happy. Have a beautiful birthday!

Happy Birthday! Today is a special day, for we celebrate the grace and gift of your life. May God continue to bless you in this new cycle.

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