40 gross messages and quotes for those who love country very much

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Life in the countryside is very different from life in big cities, which most people are used to. It is a totally different style, where the countryman, animals, riders, boots and hats are always present to make the joy of the people who admire this life.

Therefore, we selected several gross messages and quotes for those who do not give up being “made in rock”. Check it out!

Gross messages and quotes for those who breathe backcountry

I control the reins, but God that indicates the way.

horse everyone buys. Walk anyone learns. But the real passion is born with us!

ride in happiness, take your hat into love, with your bond reaches your goals, with your boot crush sadness and with your buckle make the success.

the Jewish world, but also teaches.

already said an old sage: if you bless yourself because your happiness will offend a lot of people!

gross likes attitude, who likes conversation is a psychologist!

The balance of life is at the end of the stirrup!

My system is gross like pepper, not everyone who likes, not everyone who can handle.

It’s no use wanting to copy the country style, after all, who is good is born done!

Patience is equal freshness: I don’t have it!

I don’t change your beautiful car for my horse.

Never confuse sincerity with rudeness, falsehood with education and friends with colleagues.

Having love and health of life I do not complain, I love the life I lead and lead the life I love!

No matter how many times I have to dream, what matters is that God is with me, so I won’t give up.

No, Playboy! She likes cowboy, with boot, spur and hero paints!

While God is my ground there is no one to knock me down.

Call me what you want, because as Tião Carreiro said: criticism only appears when success bothers.

Let you talk about you. After all, there is no show without an audience.

Each of us makes up its story. Each being itself carries the gift of being capable and being happy.

Walk despite the distance. Win despite the obstacles. Dreaming despite disappointment. Smile despite the anguish. Believe above all.

A little talent, a truck of faith and when to climb the junk do the best you can.

Who knows where he will not tire horse for nothing.

I prefer to be gross than being beast!

frankly, stirring with animal is infinitely better than moving with people.

Proud to be made in Roça.

I like sincere people, who speaks in the face. Solves what you have to solve with you and is not spreading your things out there.

My mother gave me education, but also taught me with anyone using it.

jealousy why, my people? What keeps the ox in the pasture is the grass and does not surround it.

It’s simple and rustic, but it makes me a damn good.

The system is gross, the loop is short, the tumble is light and the shot is accurate.

Poor spirit of the one who thinks happiness is having money.

gross heart does not beat, ride, corcovea and even kick.

Here the system is different!

In Cowboy’s land, Queen wears a hat.

gross is the one who honors tradition and is proud with passion!

I am looking for a love that: I enjoy horseback ride, modão, rodeo and that gives value to my feelings!

chic is being simple, having peace in mind, hat in the head and God in the heart!

A person’s love for horses is born with him, the love of the horse for people needs to be conquered.

She likes this life, lives in the world. It is of the type without freshness, wears boot, hat, and listens to Master Tião Carreiro.

I change false people for horses!

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