40 grandmother’s messages and quotes to granddaughter who overflows that special love

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What a big luck it is to have a granddaughter and always be sharing that affection of mother with sugar, right? Any owl grandma loves to always be praising and talking about his princess to everyone. If you are like this, then you will love these grandmother quotes to granddaughter. Check it out and send them now to your sweet girl!

Grandmother quotes for granddaughter who show all the love of who is that mother with sugar

Being grandma is smiling twice, is being a mother twice and loving without measures! I love you, my granddaughter!

More than a granddaughter, I got a mate who is always teaching me and helping me. Thank you for being the cutest girl in this world!

My days with you are more colorful, cheerful and full of life. Grandma loves you too much, princess!

My granddaughter, it is so good to be able to accompany you in every phase of your life. I love you!

my granddaughter, as much as you always grow, it will be my little one and will be in my heart!

Well they say grandmother is the mother with sweet, but tell me, how to say no to a granddaughter as beautiful and polite as mine?

I became a happier woman after I became a grandmother. Experience of such pure and beautiful love changes us a lot!

My beloved granddaughter, you are the joy of our family. I love you so much! With affection, grandma.

My beautiful granddaughter, every night I pray that God will always enlighten your heart and guide all your steps. I love you so much!

To be a grandmother is to have this beautiful feeling that overflows every day. It’s enjoying the best phase of life with this beautiful gift from God: a granddaughter!

Adored granddaughter, that you are always that sweet little girl that fit my lap, even when time passes. Grandma loves you!

More than a grandmother, I want to be a point of refuge to my granddaughter, security and love. I want her to always feel welcomed and never judged!

How good it is to be grandma of this beautiful little creature that makes me laugh and is always discovering new things. I love you, my granddaughter!

Grandma is like this: it has a tough, tough way, it makes yourself tough, but it is completely in love and melted by the beautiful granddaughter!

What a sweet and simpler love is grandmother’s love. I never thought I would love a little being as I love my granddaughter!

as a grandmother, I will feel gratitude forever for having the best company in the world: my granddaughter!

The most owl, jealous, proud and in love with the granddaughter … pleasure, I’m me!

When I look at my granddaughter, I see the girl’s version I once went. How good it is to see her happy, full of dreams and hope! Your smile illuminates me, small.

With the grace of God, I was awarded the opportunity to be the luckiest grandmother in the world, because I have a beautiful and special granddaughter.

Dear Netinha, your magic fills me with joy. Thank you for being so affectionate with Grandma!

My dear granddaughter, with you, I will be a child again. We play all day, we cook hot and I tell you stories of my life. How good it is to have you around. Kisses from Grandma!

They say I’m an owl grandma, because I live talking about my granddaughter … but also who can with so much cuteness and passion?

My granddaughter, my love for you simply has no size. I love you so much!

My beautiful granddaughter, all I want most is that you grow in the grace of God and never misrepresent the way of Him! Grandma loves you!

When they say I’m a grandmother owl, I say “I’m yes”. After all, God gave me the most beautiful granddaughter in this whole world.

I thank God for giving me such a perfect and healthy granddaughter. I love you, my dear!

My beautiful granddaughter, enjoy your childhood and youth. Know new things and always have love in your heart. With affection, grandma!

I never knew how much love could fit in my heart until one day someone called me Grandma!

If I knew that my granddaughter would be the best part of my life, I would have jumped straight for dessert. I love to be a grandmother!

my granddaughter, I want you to know that no matter what happens, Grandma will always be here for what you need, be a lap or that hot food!

My beloved granddaughter, you are the best event in Grandma’s life! Never forget that this lap is all yours.

Being a grandmother of this granddaughter is a privilege! It is the outcome of a lifetime that says it was all worth it.

They say grandparents teach granddaughters, but I believe it is quite the opposite: I learn every day about love with my granddaughter. How good it is to have a young spirit around!

You think you’ve ever lived everything, so God makes you grandmother and you discover the sweetest love in the world. I love being your grandma, princess!

good night, my granddaughter. The grandma just passed here to wish you a great dream of dream and say that you love you so much!

Each day more sapeca, cheerful and intelligent: this is the granddaughter that grandma loves so much!

My dear granddaughter, with each passing day you are more beautiful, smart and loving. You are Grandma’s pride!

You have grown, but it remains the cutest granddaughter in the world. Grandma loves you so much!

God gave me the most kindly granddaughter in this world to illuminate my days and bring joy again to my life. I love you, my little princess!

To be a grandmother is to know a sweet and deep love. It is living with affection and friendship, it is to make your granddaughter your world!

having a granddaughter changes any woman’s life! If this love does not fit in you, then keep exploring the theme and read these birthday quotes to granddaughter who celebrate the life of your little princess.