40 Good night reflection messages and quotes to sleep with good thoughts

By: Tranoniq.com

Before bed we have a great time to reflect on our lives and evaluate if everything is on the right track or if there is something that needs to improve.

We have selected good night messages and quotes for you to reflect and provide these thoughts to others. Check it out!

Good night reflection messages and quotes to have a great night

To live is to balance yourself all the time between choices and consequences. Good night!

Whenever you have a chance, be it the light in someone’s life. Good night!

For everything in life there is a new day, a new sun, a new moonlight. Good night!

Do not rush life, love each step. Do not count the days, live them. Good night!

believing that everything can work is a great way to make it happen. Good night!

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look will change. Good night!

We only lead from life to the love that gave and received. Good night!

Everything our mind can dream of, it can conquer. Good night!

Device more time to what really makes you happy. Good night!

You only win tomorrow if you don’t give up today. Good night!

Trust in life and move on. Evil only exists when we give it to Him. Good night!

There are times when you need to choose between turning the page or closing the book. Good night!

Not everything depends on time, sometimes things depend only on an attitude. Good night!

Dreaming is expensive, but giving up costs a dream. Good night!

To reap the good, it’s no use just planting, you have to cultivate too. Good night!

Each one will have the view of the mountain that rise. Good night!

Never give up a dream because of the time you will take to realize it. Time will pass anyway. Good night!

The good that is done in one day is the seed of the happiness of the next day. Good night!

Live without pretending, love without demanding, listen without attacking, speak without offending. Good night!

Everything worthwhile never comes easy. Good night!

Complaining or giving up does not solve problems. To live is to untie us. Good night!

It is in the silence of the night that God reveals to us the way of our dreams. Good night, good rest!

If it is to be, it will be. Regardless of the amount of commas, points and paragraphs. Good night!

The body needs rest. The mind needs peace. The heart needs joys. Good night!

When we intercede for others, life intercedes for us. Good night!

Happiness is where the heart finds rest. Good night!

God knows what he does. God knows what he takes. God knows what he brings. Good night!

There is no bad influence when one has character. Good night!

Don’t think about how things could have been. Think about how they can be. Good night!

If you find a path without obstacles, it probably leads nowhere. Good night!

Everything that comes comes with a purpose. Everything that goes, goes for a reason. What remains is the essential. Good night!

It is possible to be happy alone, it is not possible to be happy badly accompanied. Good night!

When we can no longer change a situation, it is because we are being challenged to change ourselves. Good night!

whatever happens, bad days pass, as well as everyone else. Good night!

Change your leaves, but do not lose your roots. Change your opinions, but do not lose your principles. Good night!

Sometimes, all we need is to get lighter with ourselves. Good night!

Never be sure of anything, because wisdom begins with doubt. Good night!

There will always be another chance, but never another life. So don’t waste your time. Good night!

Never judge anyone for appearance. Try to know the heart of each one. Good night!

Peace also lives in our choices. Good night!

A good night’s sleep is what we need to renew our energies and calm the soul! We have selected good night messages and quotes to make your day finish in the best way. See!

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