40 good night messages and quotes for boyfriend who will arouse beautiful dreams

By: Tranoniq.com

After a long day, the calm of the night comes and, with it, the most tender thoughts. It misses the sweetheart, a desire to get a little deal. However, we cannot always sleep with the loved one. So check out the most passionate good night quotes for boyfriend and demonstrate that you are thinking about it. Share your love.

Good night quotes for boyfriend who are affectionate like a hug

Good night, my love! Look out the window, tell the infinity of the stars and will know how much I love you. I wish you have a beautiful rest, full of the sweetest dreams. A thousand kisses and a thousand loving hugs.

Love, every day I fall in love with you even more. I like your affection, your smile and the comfort of your hug. May we live many moments together. Good night, dream with me very close to you.

One day without seeing you is enough to fill my heart with longing. I want to sleep in your hug and wake up with your kisses. Goodnight my love! Know that you are the most important person of my life. I love you!

Love, sometimes I think I’m dreaming, because you are the most perfect boyfriend in the world. So I wake up and find out that you are better than a dream, it is my most beautiful reality. I love you. Have a good night full of peace.

Love, I finally believe that there is a person capable of changing our lives. When I met you, my world became more beautiful, you colored my insecurities and planted joy in my heart. Good night!

Love You are so easy! Your smile overflows my heart, your gaze warms my soul and your hug is my safe place. Good night my life. That at dawn all your dreams become reality.

Love, with you by my side, I feel the most special person in the world. Thank you for being such an affectionate boyfriend and always supporting my dreams. I love you. Good night, reason for my life!

In the storm, you are my soft breeze. In moments of sadness, you are my comfort. In the darkness, you are my shelter. At dawn you are my dream. And in life you are my everything. I love you my eternal boyfriend. Good night!

Love, send a thousand hugs to be your blanket and a thousand kisses to pack your sleep. Think of me that I will be thinking of you. I love you! May your dreams be as charming as your smile. Good night!

I would like to be by your side, making a pimp on your hair while you sleep. Never get tired of admiring you. You always delight me. I send my infinite love to illuminate your dreams. Good night, my heart!

Love, look at the sky: I asked the moon to take a kiss to my heart. I wish your dreams be beautiful and your rest is full. I love you the size of the universe. A good night full of affection.

Love, if every time I thought about you, a flower was born, the world would be the most beautiful garden, whole fragrant with your smell. I love you lots! Beautiful dream and a good night wonderful!

Love is the most beautiful adventure of my life. I am immensely happy to have the best boyfriend to walk this journey by my side. Thank you, my love, for always making me smile. A good night full of kisses!

Love, you encourage me to be a better person every day. Beside you, I want to know the world, achieve many dreams and build our future. Sleep well and dream with my kisses. Good night!

Best boyfriend, best friend and my best smile. I love you so much, my little life. Sleep well, rest a lot and have beautiful dreams. I will be by your side forever. Together we are eternal. Good night!

I love you from dawn to twilight. I love you when you sunbathe and I love you when the moon comes up. You are the best part of me. Sleep with the angels, my love. May God bless your dreams. A good night full of hugs!

My love, you are my most beautiful dream awake, my little piece of heaven. I miss your kisses and your hug. I wish your sleep to be full and your dawn is full of good energies. Good night!

Another day came to an end, my love. It’s time to rest. Take a warm bath, feed well, close your eyes and think of me, because this starry night you are my only thought. I love you. Good night!

May our love be illuminated as the sun and infinite as the stars. I love you so much, reason for my life. I wish you have the most beautiful dreams. May the angels of heaven take care for you. Good night!

Love, I asked a little angel to keep your sleep, but he said it was impossible to fulfill my request, because you are the most beautiful angel on the face of the earth. I love you. Have beautiful and blessed dreams. Good night!

When love is immense, the distance becomes small. My life, I would like to be by your side, but I can’t, so I carry you inside my heart, in every thought and every dream. Good night!

Love, your smell is on my pillow, but your side of the bed is empty. I miss my beautiful boyfriend. I send a thousand kisses, a thousand hugs and a thousand sweet dreams. I’m counting the days to see you. Good night!

My love for you is so huge that I want to scream: my life, I love you! It turns out that the neighbors would be angry, so send this message to say that you are the reason for my thinking. Good night!

Love, you are the poetry of my heart. Your kiss is the best medicine to heal my sadness, the verses written with eyes closed. Your hug is all I need to kill my longing, the golden key of my sonnets. Have beautiful dreams and a good night full of tranquility.

Good night! I pass here to check if you are already preparing to sleep, because even angels need to rest. I love you, reason for my life. I wish you have beautiful dreams, full of stars.

When I met you, Cupid hit my heart with the arrow of eternity. Our love is forever! I love you so much, my life. I want all the affection of the world to involve your sleep and that your dreams are as sweets as possible. Good night!

Love, I never tire of saying how much I love you, because every day you give me a new reason to fall in love even more. Thank you, the most special boyfriend in the world. Beautiful dreams. Good night!

Good night, my heart. Doubt the brightness of the star, the immensity of the universe, but never doubt my love. You are the best reason I have to smile. I love you immensely. Dream with me and rest a lot.

Love, are your differences that complete me, are your imperfections that make you the most perfect boyfriend. Every smile of yours is a new reason for me to love you. A good night full of the most beautiful dreams.

Love, you do a revalu in my heart. Beside you, I feel butterflies in the stomach. Your look is the constellation of my life. I wish you rest a lot and your dawn is full of hope. Good night!

My love, every day, I give you my heart, because I’m sure you are my safe haven. By your side, I am the happiest woman in the world. Beautiful dreams and a good night full of affection.

Not even all the grain of sand in the world are enough to define the immensity of my love. My life, rest a lot, because you deserve it. Dream with my hug. A good night enchanted!

My love for you is like a deep ocean that overflows my heart and floods my smile. You got into my life and colored my existence. Have beautiful dreams and a good affectionate night.

Good night, my sweetheart. I wish each little star in the sky to turn into a beautiful dream for you. Sleep well, think of me and rest a lot. May tomorrow you wake up full of energy.

How to sleep without your warmth? Love, my bed is so cold without you by my side. I miss you, but I know that we will soon be together. I send hundreds of kisses to pack your sleep. Good night, my heart!

Good night, my love! Beside you, I’m not afraid of darkness, for you are the light of my life. May we always walk hugging and achieve all our dreams. Sleep full of affection.

My life, the more I know you, the more surprised and the more I fall in love. May the flame of our love stay on forever and let us be eternal boyfriends. A good night with beautiful dreams.

When the breeze touches your face, know that the wind took a kiss to you. When the moonlight invade your room, know that I ordered the moon to be your blanket. I love you my heart. Have a good night full of dreams.

If I could teleport myself, I would be in your arms now filled with your kiss. Unfortunately, I can not! So I send a lot of affection to say that I remembered you and I miss you. Good night, my love!

When I think of the good things that happened in my life, you are always first. I want to share moments, build stories and live many adventures by your side. Good night, my love!

For sure, tonight your boyfriend will fall asleep even more in love! Also check out beautiful quotes of love and keep expressing your feelings for those who make your heart pulse harder.