40 godson messages and quotes to say that you love him as a child

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Being chosen to be a child’s godfather or godmother is a demonstration of affection and confidence of parents. Have you been presented with a small one that turned your life and won a special space in your heart? So check out our godson messages and quotes and share everything it means to you. Say that you will always be beside him!

Deal messages and quotes that show how much he can trust you

Count on me in good and bad moments, my godson. SOCRINING IS THAT!

Being a sponsor of a special person is an honor! I am very proud of you.

Success, happiness, love and a life full of adventures is what I want you, Dear Defendant!

You are the best godson in the world. I love you!

I’m a godmother very happy to have a godson as blessed as you. I love you!

What I feel for you is inexplicable! It is a gigantic and immeasurable feeling, make sure that I will always be by your side, my dear godson!

You, my soothed godson, taught me to see life through a child’s gaze.

No matter where I am, I will always run to help you, my godson!

You were generated inside my heart while generated in your mother’s womb. It’s my godson and my greatest love, forever will be!

my godson, I love you and I’m very happy to be your godmother!

When your mother told me that I would be your godmother, I accepted the mission of being a true guardian of your life. Always count on me, dear godson!

My godson is an enlightened star, a delicate tenderness, a charm in my life and a gift from the daddy of heaven!

The bond between a godmother and a godson is so great that no force in the world is capable of undoing it. I love you, dear!

One day, God gave me the grace of having you as my godson, know that it was the greatest gift I could have received.

Dear goddaughter, I want to always be like this, you by my side and me to yours. You will have as your godmother, a second mother and best friend! Count on me.

Having a godson is having fun at all times, laughing even when we can’t, is having a little great friend.

If your father or mother can’t be present ever, rest assured, because you will never be alone. The godfather will always be by your side!

Dear godson, may God always guide you, protect you from all evil and guide you along the way of good, with much wisdom, love and happiness.

The luck I had to be able to create you, my godson!

If I could, I would never let you suffer. But you can count on me every time you cry and with every fall that falls, I will be by your side to get you up. I love you, my godson!

my godson, I want you to know that as I always did when you were little, I’ll be here to give a friendly hug whenever you need it.

goddaughter, know that I will always be here for you. It doesn’t matter when, neither where nor the time.

When having a godfather like me, know that you, dear godson, have a friend for a lifetime. Always count on me!

My love for you is able to cross all the borders of this world, my godson!

For me, you are like my son and no one can change my opinion! I love you, godson.

I am forever grateful for being part of your life, my godson. All your achievements are mine too!

If you depend on me, my godson, all your dreams will be realized.

The reason for my pride! I love you, my godson.

Being able to see you grow and become this man today is the best thing that happened to me. The godmother loves you, goddaughter!

Do you have a sense of the pride I feel for you, my godson? Always continue like this!

The godfather gets all drooling when he sees you, godson!

Forever I will be your godfather, you can always count on me when you need any help!

No matter how long it passes, you will always be my dear Dear, always!

Every day I ask God to protect you in my prayers, my godson.

Even far away, I’m closer than you think, my godson. I take care of you always, no matter the place.

Yes, my dear, every time you need a friendly shoulder, a lap to cry or just talk, I’ll be here for you.

and I will take care of you all my life, can get used to my godson!

My dear godson, for me, you are my son. It may not have come out of my belly or do not have the same blood, but our souls are forever connected.

Ah, my godson, you are perfect the way God prepared you and sent to our family!

Since you were born, my godson, my mission is to protect you forever!

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