40 God’s gift messages and quotes to glorify for the blessing received

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The act of the Lord in the world is smooth, simple and silent. So that we may contemplate your blessings, we need to be in harmony with the Holy Spirit! We need faith, patience and grace. Check out the most beautiful God’s gift messages and quotes that will fill your heart with glory, whether to thank or cry to the Father for your miracle. Share!

God’s gift messages and quotes that prove that heavenly Father never leaves a child

miracles are gifts from God who are not wrapped! Thank you, Lord, for listening to my cry and shed your blessing over my life. I want to be forever in your presence!

Whoever waits with patience, in divine time, is always attended by the Lord, our king! I realized my dream of having a home of my own, a beautiful gift from God! So I praise and thank my eternal Savior!

Have you thanked you today? Life is the most beautiful gift of God! Honor your existence, living with humility, love and compassion in your heart. May all the wonders of heaven transfer in your home!

When the world closes a window, the Lord opens a door! With divine grace, a new job came to me! A gift from God in my life! As long as I exist, I will honor your name, my great father!

Beloved daughter, you are the most magnificent gift of God! My blessed little angel who came to my life to teach me the true gift of love! I will be by your side whenever you need it. What a daddy from heaven bless you!

When the Lord unites, no one can separate! A marriage based on the sacred word is blessed by divine grace. Love, you are a beautiful gift from God in my life. Together we will win all our dreams! I love you!

My little package of joy, you are a gift from God that came wrapped in a lot of affection and love. When your smile ran into the world, I became the happiest person of all. I love you, my son!

Each day is a gift from God! Long live today with gratitude and love! Enjoy the beauty of life, contemplate the vastness of the universe. May the Creator illuminate his way and guide his steps! May your faith be abundant!

Holy Spirit, bless my life with the gift of promise! I want to honor and glorify for the most beautiful gift of God: eternal salvation for those who remain in grace! Jesus, teaches me to have holiness!

Discernment is a gift from God to those who pray in search of light! Do not let the evil offerings corrupt your grace, be in the presence of the Lord and cry out for lighting!

When medicine disagree, the doctors, the almighty, operates the miracle! Today I thank the most beautiful gift of God, I am healed, in the name of Jesus! Glories and Hallelujah to Savior!

Some friends are God’s gifts to help us in the journey of faith. Thank you, Lord, for blessing my life with such dear people! May friendship always be based on the love of Christ!

daughter, my gift from God! Your sweetness softens my heart, your smile illuminates my life, your hug is amazed all my sorrows! May you grow strong, brave, with great faith and full of dreams!

Mother, you are the most tender gift of God! In your arms, meeting comfort, love and protection! May my life be proud and make you the happiest woman in the world! My infinite love!

Family is the gift of God that comes with the bond of eternity! May love reign in our home! Let us put humility and affection in each of our actions. I thank you and get you magnified, my father!

Dad of heaven, thank you for listening to my prayer! I am immensely happy with the gift of God that came to be my little brother. I promise to take care of him and teach many good things.

Divine breath is my breath of life! Faith, my friends, is never in vain! Today I glorify by the beautiful gift of God who came to give me another opportunity to serve my Lord! I was blessed with the cure!

Tithing is for the growth of the creator’s work on Earth. He who dizyma, with a pure heart, does not go unnoticed in the eyes of the Father. My gift from God is prosperity! Thank you, almighty!

Each dawn is a gift from God full of new possibilities! Let the dawn be dangled in your heart, cultivate peace and plant your dreams in the soil of the Holy Word! May faith be your sun!

My Redeemer, teach me to be merciful, that compassion is always in my life. Serving the other is a gift, the most beautiful gift of God! May my existence be to share love!

Sometimes, what we want is not what we need! God’s gift comes to you the exact size of your need! Open your heart and let the Holy Spirit operate in your life!

I’m on the wheel, but the Lord is my guide! This car is a gift from God! Praise be the creator who never leaves me and protects me from all evil!

Enemy pumps come to you in the most inviting package! However, appearances deceive and bring their destruction! God’s gift is in simplicity, in an act of love! Don’t let greed corrupt your heart!

Patience is a gift from God! Calm your heart, bend your knees, and ask your father to take all the anxiety and irritation that keeps you from being happy from your life! The Lord will hear your cry and meet your prayer!

My children are gifts from God! The most complete and genuine love. May the Lord bless my home abundantly so that I can teach the true way to my heirs!

Love, you are a beautiful gift from God! Every day, I ask the Lord to bless our marriage and protect our home! I will always be by your side and, with faith in your heart, together we will overcome any obstacle!

When a child smiles is God’s gift manifesting himself in light and joy! Lord, protect our angels, take care that the wickedness of the world does not corrupt the innocence of our little ones!

Value the gift God gave you! Take care of your life with a lot of love and affection! You are a rare jewel in the world! Don’t let the evil corrupt your heart! May divine grace shine in all your actions!

Before I met you, I prayed to the Lord and asked him to send me a kind and great heartbroken companion. When our gaze crossed, I knew you were my gift from God! I love you, my love!

My home is a gift from God, protected and blessed by angels! May it never lack food on our table, may the health of our family be prosperous and that love reigns in our hearts! Gratitude, my father!

God’s gifts are abundant in my life! I thank the heavenly father, because, even weak and wandering, he never let anything miss! May my testimony be a gift to the Lord.

Stars are gifts from God that multiply in the infinity of heaven to illuminate darkness and guide our thoughts to the Father! Enjoy the divine work of our Creator! Be grateful for each day and every night of life!

When I emerged from baptism in the name of Jesus, the Holy Spirit enveloped me, my soul was washed and God’s gift came with the promise of eternal salvation. Today the peace of the Lord reigns in my heart!

God’s gifts do not come by mail, they are addressed to your heart and delivered by the Holy Spirit! Be in communion and remain in faith so as not to lose the Lord’s deliveries!

The Lord always surprises us wonderfully! When I least expected, God’s gift came in my life! I’ll be a mom! I already feel love throbbing in my womb and overflowing in my heart!

Do not complain about the rainy days, for rain is a gift from God who washes the earth, wet the plantations, bloom the flowers and bless the fruits! Let us honor the nature sculpted by our Creator!

Health is a blessed gift from God! Every day thank you for having the strength and willingness to get out of bed, work and battle for your dreams! May the Lord continue to protect your life!

Heavenly Father, I honor you and thank you! In my moment of distress, the angels interceded for me and God’s gift came with the news: I’m employed! Almighty never let the livelihood of my family!

My sister, you are a gift from God in my life! I love you so much and forever I will be your welcoming lap, your friendly shoulder and your walk. May our union remain tied by the bonds of love!

Some people are angels without wings that come into our lives to be joy, company and comfort. You are very important to me, dear friend, a beautiful and blessed gift from God!

May God’s gifts be abundant in your life! Enjoy and check out God’s messages and quotes in the command that are beautiful inspirations of faith to believe and wait, with holiness, for the act of the Almighty!

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