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Not everything lasts forever and when we least expect our hearts to shatter in cups. Dating endings, whatever the reason, are always sad, but we cannot simply jump the post-rominity Bad. With that in mind, we have selected love farewell messages and quotes that will help you go through this difficult time. Come see!

Love farewell messages and quotes to go through a relationship ending

and if you put an end point, I put two more.

I hope all the tears I am spilling washing my soul once and for all the frustrated expectations of being happy by your side.

I don’t promise a happy ending, but I guarantee an unforgettable start.

There is no end of a great relationship for futility, if it is over it is because there was no love.

The first love is always more intense, I know. But it doesn’t last forever. And ours, it’s over.

There were so many games, so many conversations, so many laughs and look now, we don’t even talk anymore.

You were the right person at the wrong time.

destination unites and separates. But no force is big enough to make people forget people who for some reason one day made us happy.

If there is a day that we will not be together, keep me in your heart. I will stay there forever.

I loved it for myself, I loved it for you, and I loved it for both of us.

If it is difficult to say goodbye, it means it was worth it.

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

Who invented the distance never suffered the pain of a longing.

To say goodbye to a love is to say goodbye to yourself. It is the finishing of a story that ended out, externally, without our agreement, but also needs to get out of us.

Suddenly we say goodbye and follow. The heart says goodbye and goes looking to embrace new paths.

It’s too late to try to fix things.

The emptiness of your departure takes up a lot of space. Occupies all my thoughts and weighs too much. This is the problem.

Knowing what to forget is as important as knowing what to remember.

Knowing what to forget is as important as knowing what to remember.

Yesterday the pain left, which made joy. Just because it was, and flew and today is another day.

Although you want you, life separated our ways.

saying goodbye is also to love.

A true love survives any distance.

If you forget, just one thing, forget me very slowly.

It is not a “goodbye”, it is a “see you soon”.

In each port and farewell to this life, I forgot my heart beating there.

Happiness lives where there is love.

Only with the agony of the farewell we can understand the depth of our love.

Difficult is not to forget, it is to convince your heart that you no longer come back.

A true love is one that leaves good memories.

Who loves welcomes, gives affection and attention.

The best farewell is not made of kisses and hugs, but promises of unconditional love.

It is difficult to support the pain of farewell when the match is never to return.

It is not always due to lack of feeling that we close the door.

In the boat of life there is always the sands that must be swept and taken with the wind.

farewells are part of life.

It’s hard to say goodbye when you want to stay.

When love is strong, no farewell is forever.

Patience! Everything happens for a reason and how it should be.

The pain of longing torn.

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