40 ending messages and quotes that can soften the pain of this process

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facing the end is always complicated. While the beginnings are greeted with joy and hope, a breakup appears in mismatch of all this, waning what was once good. Passing to pain, it becomes almost impossible to see the light. With that in mind, we have selected these comforting ending messages and quotes that can strengthen you during the painful separation process. Come check it out!

Dating end messages and quotes

Dating is the first step towards a life for two, the beginning of the illusory “always” and it is precisely because it symbolizes that, when it comes to an end, the hearts passionate. The following sentences demonstrate this.

So since I’m not your “everything”, how about I’m nothing? Nothing much for you! I won’t drop any tears for you.

I need to mark your absence in me, and make my heart understand that there is a future beyond pain.

I know we were not perfect, but I never felt that way for anyone.

is over, honey. It’s over everything we had, my love is not over.

What we had was a beautiful and magical love. How sad, beautiful and tragic love affair.

Everything could be different if you wanted to. We could be happy if love was still reciprocal.

I bet too much on you and lost everything that had been left with hope in love. I’m sorry for us!

I have ingrained in my heart and mind. It’s as if everything in me needed you, but what I really need is to understand that it is over.

Everything you want to give me is too much, it’s heavy, there’s no peace. Everything you want from me, unreal, unfair expectations.

I got tired of dedicating myself to a love that had no future. The time has come to take care of me, and love myself first.

Wedding ending messages and quotes

If dating is the first step, marriage is the main step. Watered with romantic expectations, not even this strong link is unbreakable. For several reasons and reasons, it can come to an end. Check out the messages and quotes below that talk about this moment:

I’m sorry to get to this point, but when the ways of life are divided, love is not enough to unite it back.

But I have never been able to realize things forwarding; Every time they reached a peak, it seemed to me with surprise a break, explosion of moments, with date, not the continuation of an uninterrupted.

It was good while it lasted, and it lasted while it was good, but it was over.

It is difficult to end a relationship of so many years. We spend a life with the person, and it will not be overnight that we will be able to elaborate the pain of not having it more by your side.

A person is not what he was during the last conversation at the end of the relationship. She is what she said and did throughout the relationship.

I wanted so much to be with you, but I don’t feel it anymore because, really, you ended up being the best thing I never had.

Longing exists, love persists, but the end of our history is necessary. Our happiness is not always by the love of our lives.

It hurts to watch everything we build collapse, but I will survive and you too.

Remember when we arrived one day to believe … Not knowing that “forever” always ends?

What was filled with love today is empty. Who would say that our story was going to end like this?

Friendship end messages and quotes

It’s not just loving relationships that are in danger of coming to an end. Friends also have their reasons to make the relationship come to an end. Check out the following sentences:

I did not expect this to happen between us. I mean, you and I have always been us and, well, now it’s just me and me, separately.

Finishing a friendship is like ending a marriage. Both belong to an inexplicable way, and will always be marked in each other’s heart.

While the world lives outside, inside each has a piece of the other. And even smiling around, each one knows the lack the other does.

You disappointed me, hurt my heart knowing all my weaknesses. There is no way to be a friendship to overcome such a deep scar.

We are just memories.

From today, I will not insist on things that are not reciprocal, and unfortunately our friendship is one of them.

I miss you so much. Your company, your advice, your comfort, but that seems so far from us now …

There is not always a reason for a friendship to end, sometimes it simply comes to an end. Any non -fed relationship is like the abandoned fire without wood, one hour goes out and only ashes remains.

True friendship is like health, only its value is perceived when losing it.

breaking with a friend is always painful, but when differences weigh more than complicity, the end is necessary.

Termination messages and quotes for Status

The end is painful, whatever it is and this is undeniable. After all, when we think of beginnings, we rarely want to reflect on the end. On the other hand, as a good cycle, life goes around and, in the end, all the end is a fresh start. See the messages and quotes below:

Terminals are painful, but it is in pain that a new beginning is born.

we were without start, no way, endless, no solution, no reason.

You gave me eternity within our numbered days, and I’m very grateful for it.

Life is a cycle of restarts and ending, and it is up to each of us to learn the best way to deal with it.

ruptures ask for a minimum of recollection, and it’s a good time to shut up and think a little about life.

We change, reinvent ourselves, and what was once extraordinary, maybe today won’t do us well. We need to understand this to get over the end.

If nothing lasts forever, the end is just a matter of time.

Terminals remind us of our fragility, but exercise our strength.

will pass. This pain that tears the chest will pass. Terminals need to exist for you to learn that life is an eternal starting over.

It was not because it turned out that it was never true.

Regardless of the ending you are going through, know that you need to externalize what you feel in any way. To help you put this pain out, we also separate these separation messages and quotes.

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