40 Easter messages and quotes for friends who will sweeten this relationship further

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The Spirit of Easter is of joy, harmony and much love. Therefore, take the date to convey good feelings to those you love and remember the true meaning of this celebration: the resurrection of Christ. So, see the best Easter messages and quotes for friends and wish them a lot of faith and great blessings on that day!

Easter messages and quotes for friends full of affection and friendship

Happy Easter! May our friendship always be as sweet as a chocolate egg.

that the certainty of Christ’s resurrection always dwells his heart. Happy Easter!

It is time to rejoice and thank the gift of life, love, joy and also our friendship. Happy Easter!

I wish you have a sweet and happy Easter alongside special friends who illuminate your life.

That this Sunday there are many sweets in your life: the sweet smile of friends who love you and the sweet hope of a future of peace and prosperity. Happy Easter!

That the bunny brings you much more than chocolate eggs. Also bring love, health, happiness and affection in the form of friendship. Happy Easter!

Your friendship completes my Easter Sunday. The true friend is present in new times!

Easter is the perfect time to focus on positive feelings like love of neighbor. So I come today to say how important you are to me, friend!

friend, that the blessings of the Lord fall on you this Easter Sunday. I wish you faith, peace and great joy!

In this Easter, besides chocolate, I wish you a lot of happiness, friends!

May your Sunday be like our friendship: sincere and full of good feelings! Happy Easter.

Happy Easter! May you have prosperity, let the bunny be very generous and that Christ always protects you.

Jesus is alive, just like our friendship! That the spirit of the Renaissance also transforms our relationship. Happy Easter!

For my best friends, this Sunday I wish the renewal of the best feelings. Happy Easter!

Easter means rebirth. So I wish you reborn the purest and most sincere feelings. May Jesus enlighten our friendship!

I passed to leave my affection and gratitude for friendship. Happy Easter, dear friend!

A life without Christ is like a life without friendships: it is not worth it! Happy Easter, friends.

May our friendship be like the resurrection of Christ: a love that never dies. Happy Easter!

In this Easter, open your heart and let faith and love do there eternal home. Happy Easter, friend!

Easter is when our greatest joys meet: life, love and friendship.

It’s time to celebrate love and friendship! May this Sunday be the beginning of a new time for us. Happy Easter!

friends … that this Sunday, only the noblest feelings remain in our hearts. It’s time to start over! Happy Easter.

Happy Easter, friends! May the day, life and soul of your day be sweet.

Taking advantage of this date by your side is the renewal I needed! Easter really has the power to remember what is most important.

No one has greater love than the one who gives his life for those who love. Friend, that you have a happy Easter!

As well as Christ taught, we must love their neighbor and cultivate true, authentic and genuine friendships. Thank you so much for your friendship, Happy Easter!

May all the congratulations you receive on this date become great friendships! Happy Easter.

Friends, I wish you a happy Easter! May love and fraternity be present in the heart of each one.

Today, I asked the Lord to pass in your house and spill blessings about you and your family. Happy Easter, my friend!

Good Easter, friend! May the sweetness of this day last for the rest of the year and that the bunny leaves you a basket of happiness.

Beside the special people, this Sunday gets a new meaning. Happy Easter, my friends!

Easter is rebirth, it is a restart, it is a symbol that reminds us that everything can be improved. Happy Easter!

Easter Bunny, what do you bring to me? Love, joy and endless friends! Thank you for your friendship, have an excellent Easter!

that communion and peace are abundant in our friendship. Happy Easter!

What is rare lasts forever: the love of Christ for us and our friendship. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Thank you for today having friends who make a point of renewing our vows of love and friendship, just as Christ taught.

friend, Easter is liberation, it is love and renewal of faith in our Lord.

As well as the certainty that Jesus overcame death, I wish happiness to be a constant part of our friendship. Happy Easter!

Jesus Christ is risen, so we celebrate. Happy Easter, friends!

That this Sunday is reborn your joy as a child. May the miracle of life delight your heart and that our friendship is renewed forever. Happy Easter!

On this date, better than any chocolate, is to feel loved by the people who are part of their story. See Happy Easter messages and quotes to demonstrate your affection for them!

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