40 drink messages and quotes for those who love to delight in good drinks

By: Tranoniq.com

Sometimes all we need is that relaxing drink at the end of the day or a beer with friends over the weekend. Whatever your favorite programming, one thing is certain: there is no bad time for those who like to drink! Don’t you know what you are going to take today? So, check out this list with lively drink messages and quotes.

drink messages and quotes to share with friends

I have no problem with drink, I and I do very well!

You can mix good drink, what kills is love!

Let’s drink and love, because the world will end!

whiskey is man’s best friend: he is a bottled dog.

In the absence of love and affection: beer, cachaça and good wine!

If your life is sour, add cachaça and ice and enjoy a good caipirinha.

The best bad mood medicine is a good drink with friends at the end of the day.

A man who does not drink, is a man with his thirst.

Do not put words in my mouth. Put tequila, beer and a dose of vodka!

The important thing is to be happy. The rest, we mix with something alcoholic!

Nothing a cold beer and snacks do not solve!

hurt heart heals with a lot of ice, sugar, lemon and vodka.

In doubt between passion and catuaba, beware of the hangover.

good drink is drink that yields the best moments of your memory.

Alcohol may not give a future, but it gives an unforgettable past.

Sometimes all we need is a glass of wine at the end of the day.

The best friends of my life I made drinking drips!

Did you hurt your heart? I heard that a good drink is the best medicine for the soul …

Why learn to love if you can learn how to do drinks?

vodka only hurts when it’s missing!

If alcohol was not good, it didn’t end with “cool”.

If you were a drink I would repeat the dose.

From time to time, things just need a glass of juice and a pinch of vodka to be interesting.

It is all worth it when the bottle of wine is not small.

Because love is made drink: you have to take the right dose.

Today I’m not fine to drink … I’m excellent!

Is there anything better than a Happy Hour full of draft beer with friends?

I think the love of my life is a bottle of tequila!

If the longing tightens, delight a beer makes everything work again!

Many times, the best thing you can do is take a beer.

I should make judgment, but since I’m drinking beer, it’s good not to mix.

Before a photo with drink, than with pretended people!

Instead of making judgment, come have a whiskey with me!

Since ice I take every day, I will complement the drink!

Sometimes I find the drink, sometimes it is the drink that finds me.

If I have a best friend? Of course I have, her name is tequila!

wine improves over time. I improve with wine.

Happiness is a glass of drink. If the beer is cold, it looks more beautiful.

Drink, dance, short and alive! The other day, just put the blame on the drink.

wine is not a drink of the gods, it is drunk!

Do you know what today’s special drink will be? So call your friends and enjoy it in moderation! After all, overdoing drinks can cause some confusion – or too funny stories. To cheer up the night, here’s a list of the best drunk messages and quotes, check it out and share with the guys!

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