40 double meaning messages and quotes to make your friends confused

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Do you always be the smart wheel that does not lose a chance to make a prank with your friends? So it’s time to test if they are fast enough to understand a double meaning sentence. With them, you will always go over and get who you want… Understand how you prefer!

We made a list of double meaning messages and quotes for you to make the meetings with your friends even funnier and not lose the reputation for always having a joke on the tip of your tongue. Choose your favorites and show how much you are enjoyed.

Smart Double Sense messages and quotes

Here you will find double sense sentences that you had never thought before. You will have fun checking and will want to share with everyone around you. They will fall into the laugh and they will be stuck to everyone’s head. See!

Do you want a woman who does everything for you? Stay at your mother’s house.

I told my boss that I want at work the same autonomy I have at home. Tomorrow my wife starts as our manager.

I like everyone, especially when they are far from me.

It must be difficult to be a swimming teacher. You teaches, teaches and the student: nothing.

I would even make a joke about politicians, but they would steal the grace.

ugly people is the same beautiful people, only ugly.

I do not make judgment, because I already have beer and I am not mixing.

I envy stupidity, because it is eternal.

do we call the environment because we have already destroyed half?

human being is not easy.

Double -directed messages and quotes

Double -sense malicious messages and quotes are great for mocking or sending an indirect to the crush. You can say what you have never had the courage and let the other person understand as they want. Leave the shame aside and use them when you have the opportunity.

What time do I catch you?

The business remains standing, just waiting for your position.

If you want to go home, I can give you a food.

I’m congratulating you, but I really wanted to give you something else.

I have 5 bottles of whiskey, you sell 4 and I give you one.

Do you like orange? I’ll give you a bag to suck.

If you are not eating, no temperature.

What I promised you is standing and will be fulfilled!

man has to know the way women like it at the tip of the tongue.

If I give you a hundred shirts, do you give me a hundred pants?

Double sense messages and quotes of friendship

With our friends we are free to play all kinds, because we know they will always end up laughing with them. We have selected double sense of friendship for you to use when you are together and let them wond if you really wanted to say what he understood. It will be fun!

Friend is the same screw: we only see if it is good at the tight time.

Let’s buy a large pizza. Can you eat?

You don’t deserve clapping, you deserve the whole Tocantins!

Wow man, you disappeared. And in life, are you doing well?

Friend, they say that opinion is like a butt, each one has his own. Do you usually give your opinion?

Do you play guitar? If I choose a song Do you play one for me?

Are you giving at home?

Let’s have a barbecue, I take the meat and you just take sausage!

friend, you who know the region well, if you are straight on this street and then turn, will you give?

friend, I bought your favorite food: corn!

Double Sense of Love messages and quotes

See our list with double meaning messages and quotes of love to tell your Xuxuzinho everything he (A) causes you. These puns are very funny and your love will enjoy seeing your fun side. Share and make it even more in love.

Love, do you work on Google? Because you have everything I look for.

Love, if you were a soda would be soda. Because in my heart it only gives you.

love, call me video games and throw me on the couch.

You think you live far away, but live in my heart.

Did you know that to look at you I need dark glasses? Because your smile is like a ray of sunshine.

My girlfriend left a role in the refrigerator written “It’s over”. I opened the fridge and had food, I don’t understand these women.

Love, you are not a red sign, but you are stopping traffic.

Love, to have you I need the psychiatrist’s recipe. Because you are crazy.

Love, you are not a musical note, but I want you to wake up to me.

Love, do you know Gi? The gigantic desire I have to kiss you.

There is no way not to have fun with double meaning messages and quotes, right? Also check out our list with funny status messages and quotes for you to spread joy wherever it goes.

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