40 crush messages and quotes that will help you win over the cat for good!

By: Tranoniq.com

Is there anything better than that passion that gives cold belly and makes you dream of eyes open? Everyone has or already had one of these. But the big problem is like drawing the attention of that kitten or kitten…

How to show that special person you are in the mood for them? There are many options, and one of them is writing and that’s where we help you with this mission! No more waiting for it’s time to conquer who you always wanted.

This list of crush messages and quotes promises to give courage to any passionate to demonstrate at once what they feel. So read, get inspired and run after love! Good luck!

messages and quotes for Crush falls in love

We know that winning someone’s love is not easy at all. The secret is to know what softens the person’s heart. Maybe a message is not enough? Check out this list of messages and quotes for Crush to fall in love and get inspired!

My weak point has name, address and a beautiful smile.

I love your fragile and at the same time, safeguarded and at the same time stripped down.

Just listening to your voice in the morning already makes my day!

life is mine. But the heart is yours. The smile is mine. But the reason is you.

If time stopped every time I think of you, we would still be the day I met you.

If you look like this looking at me, wanting me, looking, I don’t know, I’ll fall in love!

When I saw you fell in love and you smiled because I knew.

You make me believe in soul mates.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

Why is when I imagine myself happy is your smile that comes to my head first?

Funny messages and quotes for crush

Among all the thousand ways to conquer someone, good humor is always ahead of the results. Everyone likes to give a good laugh. So making the person have fun can be decisive when it comes to drawing their attention to you! What are you waiting for to send that joke? Choose one of these funny messages and quotes for crush and send it!

There were two bears, Beijaeu and Mebeija. Beijaeu died, who is left?

When thinking about forgetting me, forget to think!

You are to be congratulated: it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen with open and closed eyes.

When will my mother be your mother -in -law?

How is your mother’s name? Sogrinha, right?

I kiss my pillow and I think of you before bed every night.

I bet a kiss that you give me one.

I wish you all the best: including my kisses.

Not even the most powerful video card would be able to reproduce the graphics of its beauty.

cute is pillow. You are top!

messages and quotes to go crazy the crush

If you are more spicy, you have no mistake when investing in bolder attitudes! Taking the crush can drop it at your feet and still want more than that. We can help you with this selection of messages and quotes to crazy the crush. Use all, no efforts!

There is no better kiss than yours.

I have a proposal for today: how about we color our friendship?

happiness is not exposed, one lives. Let’s go with me?

not to be in doubt: Every kiss that I send you is in the mouth.

your touch is able to want you whole.

This smile is cowardice with me!

Come here that I teach you what is really good.

If you tasted me, I wouldn’t want anything else in life.

What are you waiting for to come to grasp me soon?

Action and Reaction: You smile at me and I kiss you.

Indirect for crush to play

Have you tried everything and it hasn’t worked yet? We helped you solve this in a moment. If you don’t go to the crush, the crush comes to you. We have prepared an infallible list of indirects for the crush to touch. Just read, choose the best and send it. Meanwhile, you can relax and wait for that message calling you out!

I love the words, but I am completely in love with attitudes.

My love for you is very intense to be ignored …

If you still have any questions, I’m in the mood for you!

Studies point out that if you want, I want it too!

Those who do not pay attention loses to another hawk. Keep an eye!

Something tells me that our vibe combines …

Who expects too much ends up wasting time, huh!?

I’m afraid of waiting for you and nothing happens …

Now in my thinking, tomorrow in your heart. Who would give me!

Chat is as follows: Who does not happen, see happening. So, which one do you choose?

Dreaming doesn’t hurt anyone, so why stop here? We hope you get your crush and have a beautiful story together! Therefore, we have already advanced this selection of caption for a couple photo to use on social networks when you form the best duo. Check it out!

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