40 cousin mourning messages and quotes that will bring comfort to your heart

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Everyone knows that life is over, but no one is prepared to say goodbye, in particular, to those we love the most. If you are going through a moment of loss, then check out these cousin mourning messages and quotes that will bring comfort and, at the same time, will reflect on the finitude of everything.

Cousin mourning messages and quotes that express well the sadness of this loss

That sadness in my heart gives way to good memories, cousin. Go with peace and tranquility.

Dear cousin, saying goodbye was one of the most painful things of my life. ETERNAL HEALTHS.

I pray to God to comfort my heart at this difficult time to fight. Wherever you are, cousin, I hope you are better.

May God receive you with open arms, my dear cousin. Here is just the longing.

Today, despite the grief that covers my heart, I also celebrate the life you had, cousin. My world would not have been the same without your presence.

saying goodbye to my cousin was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been. The grief ends, but the longing is eternal.

I didn’t lose just a cousin, I lost a true friend! Descend in peace.

The good memories I carry are the breath to my tears that insist on falling. I miss you, cousin!

Cousin, you left this world leaving only longing and good memories. My love for you is eternal!

The longing I feel of you, my cousin, is proof that your life has touched the hearts of many people.

cousin, your life made my most colorful and cheerful, pity it came to an end. I will love you forever.

One day, this mourning will only be missed. Thank you for all the amazing moments I lived by your side, cousin!

One day, this mourning pain will be just a missing scar. I will always miss you, cousin!

Today your soul rests in peace, cousin. I know it is now with God and in a better place.

I don’t know what to do now with all this love I have for you, cousin! ETERNAL HEALTHS.

My cousin was one of the most important people of my life. My grief will be eternal!

It was God’s will to call you to Him side so soon, cousin. But the longing that was eternal.

cousin, your life was so beautiful, happy and colorful that your departure was light. Today there is only the longing for all the good things you transmitted.

Rest in peace, my dear cousin. Your life was extraordinary just like you!

My tears of sadness for the grief I live today are proof that your life was worth it, cousin.

cousin, you were one of the best people I met. Thank you for everything you taught me. Rest in peace!

A new angel arrives in heaven today. Rest in peace, my dear cousin.

Despite the mourning, I know that now you are with God, cousin. I just pray that he gives me the strength to move on.

The tears I pour today are of sadness and longing. You will always be remembered in my heart, cousin!

Today I say goodbye to my most beloved cousin. But he will always be in my heart!

The universe was very kind to put you in my life, cousin. Too bad today I give you the eternal goodbye.

Even without your physical presence, cousin, I feel you in my heart all the time. My grief will be eternal.

a cousin who was a true brother. You will miss you!

Today I cry for the loss of my dear cousin. But tomorrow I will celebrate life, because that is what he taught me.

Your light will always remain in my life, cousin. I miss eternal!

God called you close to Him, cousin. I hope you now rest in peace.

I believe death is just a passage. And wherever you are, cousin, I hope you are well and happy.

cousin, your life was a party! Today I say goodbye to you with a bittersweet feeling. May you find the light!

There are days when mourning overflows in tears. I miss you here, cousin.

saying goodbye is not easy, so I will say one until cousin. I know we will meet again in the presence of God.

Today I review myself in mourning, but you will live forever in me, cousin.

cousin, your absence will always be felt in my heart.

You were light all your life, cousin. And now it goes towards a new dimension. May you go to peace!

Today is God who comforts my heart after his departure, Cousin. Descend in peace.

My world became sadder after your cousin departure. I will love you forever!

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