40 Corinthians messages and quotes for you to demonstrate your love for Timon

By: Tranoniq.com

Do you know which football team is with the largest fans in the country? If you thought about Corinthians, your answer is right! Sport Club Corinthians Paulista was founded in 1910 and brings together a lot of fans and fans throughout Brazil.

The team has several Brazilian championship titles and a legion of football fanatics who closely follow the club’s games. The Corinthians take the story of the team seriously, putting love and claw in the screams of support in the matches.

Do you also have the Corinthian heart? So this selection of quotes from Corinthians is all for you! Put the Timão cloak and check out what we selected:

Best Quotes from Corinthians

Timon fans strive to support the heart team and give all their talent when creating club support quotes. Also want to show your love like them? This list of the best citations of Corinthians will inspire you, check out:

Corinthians is not a team that has a crowd, Corinthians is a fans that has a team!

My selection has only one name and one nation. It’s called Corinthians!

Corinthians is more than a color, Corinthians is more than a club.

Corinthians is not just a team, but my scream to love.

Corinthians is more than the Brazilian team, Corinthians is an eternal religion, love and passion.

Life made me Corinthians and I made Corinthians my life.

Corinthians feels, it is not explained.

I don’t know when I became Corinthian, I don’t know if I was born Corinthian, or if Corinthians was born in me, I only know that before I was Corinthian I didn’t exist.

The people team, the joy of the nation, the world champion. This is my team, not anyone, it’s Timon.

There are those who tell legends, others who narrate stories. We make the story because we are Corinthians.

Corinthians music quotes

In addition to the numerous screams of support from the organized crowd, the club also has a multitude of songs created to express the Corinthians’ passion for the team. If you don’t know yet, check out this selection that we have prepared with the best music quotes from Corinthians:

big corinthians, always altophers, you are from Brazil. What? What? The most Brazilian club!

It’s love, it’s passion, I sing and vibro to push Timon.

throughout its history, for all its tradition. Until the end of my life, I love you Timon!

Come see how it is, the Corinthians team plays ball as you want!

Here’s a bunch of crazy, crazy about you Corinthians! For those who think it’s little, I live for you Corinthians!

I sing until hoarse, I sing to push. Come on, let’s go my timão, let’s go my timão, don’t stop fighting!

I’m from Gavião, I am! Corinthians plays, I will and no one will hold me!

Corinthians of my heart, you are religion from January to January!

Let’s play with race and with the heart, it’s the team of the people, it’s the Coringão!

Doctor, I’m not mistaken, my heart is Corinthian!

Corinthians quotes for other teams

It’s not new to football fans the rivalry between Corinthians and other teams in the country. It is even this competitiveness that gives that gas when cheering and defending the club. Check out some quotes from Corinthians to other teams and provoke the rivals

Everything you have that we don’t have, one day we will have. But what we have, you will never have!

If there was no envy in the world the planet would be black and white in honor of Corinthians.

classic is classic; Corinthians and São Paulo is class struggle.

The victory of Corinthians is the victory of the people; That’s why so much hatred and envy.

If not stolen, it’s not Flamengo!

Against Corinthians, many teams want to get over …

It’s Corinthians Fall Facing Lower Time!

Corinthians and Palmeiras is more than a classic, it is a duel of titans.

We admire the courage of the teams trying to fight against the Coringão!

soccer team is just Corinthians, the rest is rest.

Funny Corinthians Quotes

Although the love for Timon can take a great space in the heart of the Corinthians, who said who has no room for good humor? Check out these funny Corinthians quotes and defend your team with some laughs!

There are only two fans twisted in Brazil. One is Corinthians and the other is the anti-Corinthians.

The big problem of Sao Paulo is not to be called Corinthians.

Corinthians, those who love you do not abandon you, and those who hate you either.

Corinthians game gives an audience even in replay!

For some fans is just a hobbie, but for the Corinthians it is much more than that, it is a religion!

Asking a Corinthian to choose from Corinthians and anything else is to ask him to abandon the second option!

Wednesday without Corinthians is worse than pimple on Friday.

Friday is the second best day of the week, because the first is when Corinthians plays.

Some people leave our lives and Corinthians stay.

If Corinthians is a disease, it has no cure.

Now that you have known a little more about Corinthians and Love of the fans, how about checking a little more about this sport that is part of our popular culture in Brazil? We selected a list of the best football quotes for you, see!