40 Colorful Friendship messages and quotes to help you color things a little

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Who never wanted to have the freedom of single but at the same time have someone with anyone watching movies and sleeping with a shell? Not having to bear the responsibilities and commitments of a serious relationship but has someone to relate? All this is part of a colorful friendship.

Having a colorful friendship with someone means having all the benefits of dating, but without a serious commitment, and all with a person close to you. Basically, it’s a mixture of love, friendship and freedom! Although the essence of this is just uniting the useful with the pleasant, many people do not understand the complexity in this modern way to relate.

Do you have a colorful friend? So this selection of colorful friendship messages and quotes is for you. Check out the list of messages and quotes below, copy and share with your colorful friend!

messages and quotes to add a touch of color to that friendship

Better a colorful friendship, than a black and white dating.

We are great friends, we have a colorful friendship and we are always united.

Colorful friendship or black and white romance does so much, I just want a good company to show me a little of every thing!

My love is not my boyfriend, my love is my colorful friendship.

Children often have transparent friends, adults colorful friends!

I don’t like colorful friendship. Nowadays, I prefer novels in shades of gray.

It passed the time when I enjoyed a colorful friendship … Now with me it’s black in white!

marriage is the same as colorful friendship, but the artist only colors once a month.

Always ask if we are friends or boyfriends. And I always answer: we are more than friends and less than boyfriends.

The distance between friendship and love can be the distance of a kiss.

I’ve had a foster, boyfriend, flirting, a colorful friendship … I already got tired of this cycle! And a love, when will I have?

The truth is that those who have a colorful friendship are happy, there are several people within one.

For everyone to be happy, throw a colorful friendship there.

What kind of colorblind you are, you can’t see that I want a colorful friendship?

Colorful friendship is something I have never seen or felt, just heard.

May our friendship be like the rainbow, very colorful, if you understand me.

Colorful friendship is when friendship becomes brilliant.

Shoot the first stone who never wished a pencil of color to color that friendship.

There are many colors that define us …

Colorful Friendship: Better than dating and then betraying.

About Colorful Friendship: Either dating, or ends without friendship.

What we have is only ours, no one else has to interest!

Our friendship is special and unique, colorful, fun and a constant reason for joy.

She liked to be with him, he liked to be with her, that was everything.

and it is this reciprocity that makes our colorful friendship work.

No one will ever know everything about us.

We may not be the kind of ideal couple, but no one has such a hot and colorful friendship with ours.

The secret of colorful friendship is not to cling.

The colors of our friendship are the strongest and most intense.

A fun friendship is the best serious relationship.

Before being love has to be friendship.

There is a type of friend who is always with another intention beyond simple friendship. This is our specialty!

Behind great boyfriends there are two great colorful friends.

I like our friendship as it is, with all possible colors.

Colorful friendship is painting days and nights with the hottest and most vibrant colors that exist in the chromatic palette.

Love or friendship? Here’s the question!

We give no explanations to anyone, we live in freedom. We know what we want.

Our friendship is colorful, without commitment … but in the end, we know that we belong.

I accept that our friendship is called colorful, for no one else can bring color to my days as you do.

The most beautiful love is one that is born of a friendship.

Having that colorful friendship can be too good, but be careful not to fall in love! Most cases end up in love, and then there is nowhere to run away. And if you have already turned your friend into Crush, it’s time to invest. Check out this list of love indirect messages and quotes and conquer who you love!

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