40 Christmas Evangelical messages and quotes to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

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We often value material gifts than to the true meaning of Christmas. Do not leave the main star of the party to go out. It is time to propagate the love of Jesus Christ and celebrate his birthday. Check out the most beautiful Christmas evangelical messages and quotes that will touch your heart and brighten your soul. Share inspiration and blessings!

Evangelical Christmas messages and quotes full of humility, love and communion

This Christmas, don’t let the misleading advertisements corrupt your heart. Remember that Jesus Christ is the birthday girl who deserves her worship. May peace reign and let heavenly love enlighten and bless your home!

Just as the stars guided the three wise men to the manger of Jesus Christ, this Christmas, I wish that the brilliance of constellations guide their thoughts to the eternal Savior. May God bless your life!

This Christmas, may the baby Jesus make home in your heart and shine your soul with the true Christmas spirit! I wish the angels of the Lord to touch the trumpets of joy and that happiness echoes in their home!

Merry Christmas! May this beautiful date come into communion with the love of Christ! May the Holy Spirit bless our lives and send the gifts of heaven to rejoice our hearts. Lots of faith, hope and health!

Lord, this Christmas, pour out your blessings on the world, take care of each of your children, and enhanced those who are suffering. May peace, love and joy shine and may the Christmas spirit involve us!

May your Christmas be full of blessings! The birthday girl is Jesus Christ, but the present is his. Praise and enhance the name of the Savior who died on the cross to wash the sins of humanity. May God protect your home.

At Christmas, we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God sent to earth to bring hope, love, faith, and word of salvation to humanity. May your supper be to praise the name of our Savior!

May Jesus Christ be our greatest inspiration. It is a time to forgive, to embrace the brother, to practice the good and to be in communion with the Holy Spirit. Much health, peace and harmony. I wish you a blessed Merry Christmas!

We should not remember Jesus Christ only at Christmas. Make every day of your life a special moment to celebrate and praise the name of our Savior. May God be always in your heart and guide your steps!

I wish you a very blessed Christmas for you. May Jesus Christ surround your heart with the purest and most fraternal love. Thank you for all the blessings received and practice the teachings of our Redeemer.

Merry Christmas! Remember that the true birthday girl does not wear red cap, does not walk in a sled and does not go down a chimney. Jesus Christ used crown of thorns, took the yoke of humanity upon himself, died on the cross to wash our sins and reigns in our hearts.

Dear God, this Christmas, I ask the Lord to strengthen my faith so that I can remain firm in the way of salvation, worshiping and serving His holy name. Thank you for being such a kind and merciful father.

Merry Christmas, my brothers united by faith! May Jesus Christ reign in the hearts of all and shine his divine love in the world. I wish the heavenly blessings to come in the form of peace, health and prosperity.

Natal is time to gather the family and strengthen the bonds of love. May the Christmas spirit shine in our lives with the most tender hug of Jesus Christ! I wish the angels of the Lord to protect and bless their home.

Merry Christmas! Just as the body needs food to live, the soul needs to be sustained to remain firm in God’s designs. May the sacred word be the main food of our Christmas dinner.

In this Christmas, let Jesus Christ be reborn in your heart. It’s time to practice tolerance and spread good without looking at whom. May our Redeemer’s actions be inspired to remain firm in divine grace.

Lord Jesus, my beloved Savior, this Christmas, I ask you to look at humanity and send the gift of clairvoyance so that we can learn to discern the path of the good of the path of evil. May peace reign in our hearts!

Angels are celebrating and celebrate the anniversary of the prince heir to peace. May Jesus Christ be in our hearts and overflow joy in our lives. A lot of harmony for everyone. A Blessed Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, God’s people! May divine light shine in our hearts and guide our steps to remain firm in the love of Christ. May our greatest gift be the faith and certainty of eternal salvation!

Remember that for God material riches have no value. Instead of putting a lot of gifts under the Christmas tree, open your heart, protrude by recognizing our position of poverty and is in the presence of the Lord who came boy opening his arms to welcome our smallness and raise her in dignity. A Blessed Merry Christmas!

May the Christmas spirit surround us so that we may serve and love neighbor as the teachings of Jesus Christ commands. May our supper be of shares, peace and harmony. Merry Christmas! God bless!

True Christmas meaning is not in the ornaments, nor in the very expensive gifts. Christmas is a symbol of the birth of Christ the Redeemer. I wish divine love to shine in all homes and bless our life!

The true Christmas miracle was God sent his only son to live and die for humanity. May the angels of the Lord bring many blessings, happiness and peace to their lives. Celebrate divine grace!

May we enjoy in communion in this Christmas, with our brothers of faith, the blessings granted by the heavenly Father. It’s time to chant praise and magnify the name of the only true Salvador! God bless!

Merry Christmas! May Christ’s birthday be a moment of rebirth for all those who are weak in faith. Enter in communion with the Holy Spirit and let the Lord operate a Christmas miracle in your life.

On Christmas Eve, separate a special moment to talk to God and thank all the blessings received. May hope be reborn in your heart and that the love of Jesus Christ involves your life!

Merry Christmas, dear friends! To the Redeemer, the honors. Let us celebrate the glory of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the stars illuminate our night and let heavenly love shine in our home.

This Christmas, leave your heart open so that the Holy Spirit can manifest and fill you with the stronger happiness. I wish peace, harmony, health and prosperity for your life!

May the birth of Christ not be celebrated only on Christmas Eve, but let us make a moment of encounter with the Divine this night so that the Christmas spirit reigns in our hearts every day of the year!

Christmas has come! To my beloved friends, I send a big hug and many blessings. You are in my prayers. May Jesus Christ emanate his light and shine in joy, communion and love in the lives of all.

It’s Christmas! May the love of Jesus Christ warm all hearts! Let us celebrate the life of the Son of God who died on the cross to save humanity. A lot of joy, kindness and harmony for everyone!

Jesus Christ operates in the simplest and most pure heart. Do not let worldly temptations suffocate the true Christmas spirit. Let us pray and cry to God for humility, compassion and sharing.

Lord Jesus, this Christmas, I ask you to fill my heart with brotherhood, love, hope and courage. May my actions be inspired by your teachings. I love you, I adore you and praise you for who you are, my Lord and my God!

Divine Master, that in this Christmas, his love is the cradle of the world, and that all humanity listen to the sweetest song of eternal salvation. Bless our family and fill our hearts with faith and devotion.

Merry Christmas, my beloved brothers of faith! May we fraternize united by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, with much love, joy and harmony in the heart. May God’s blessings be abundant!

This Christmas, may Jesus Christ be the only star of our worship. Let us not change the heavenly gifts for material goods. I wish you a lot of faith, hope and brotherhood to all. Joy, my beloved friends!

Merry Christmas! Let us glorify and celebrate the birthday of the Lord Jesus Christ. Peace on earth and feast in heaven. May the Christmas Spirit overcome joy in our homes and wrap them all into one communion. God bless!

Lord Jesus, this Christmas, I declare my love, honor you and recognize you as my only and faithful Savior. I ask God to shed his blessings on the world and zele for the lives of all those who seek comfort.

Merry Christmas! It is a time to renew the covenant with the Redeemer Christ. Feed your soul with the holy word and seek the necessary discernment so that you can continue to be a propagator of divine love.

It’s time to celebrate Christmas! May the Christmas gifts reach their home in the form of heavenly gifts. May it not lack humility, love, holiness, patience and faith in your life. A beautiful supper full of joy and communion, sharing the gifts of life offered in the form of smile full!

May Jesus Christ abundantly bless your Christmas! Take advantage of this climate of peace and communion to check out beautiful Christmas reflection messages and quotes that will fill your heart with hope and joy.

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