40 Christmas and New Year messages and quotes to fully live the festivities

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New Year’s Eve is a festive period that marks the closure of a phase. While Christmas restores energies and arouses unity, love and solidarity, the New Year is responsible for the energy of the restart. In this climate of holiday thanks, how about checking incredible Christmas and New Year messages filled with affection and motivation to celebrate these dates in style?

Christmas and New Year messages and quotes that manifest the magic of these festivities

Merry Christmas and New Year! May the festive spirit touch every detail of your life with love and turn everything around you.

every request is heard, every dream becomes real … that life is renewed with the best energies of the festivities. Merry Christmas and a great new year!

Christmas and New Year lights are beautiful, but it is even more beautiful to have a overflowing heart of gratitude, peace, joy and hope. Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and New Year! It is time to say goodbye to everything that has gone through and welcome a promising future.

Merry Christmas and a New Year stuffed with achievements for you that has so fought in recent times. The time of victory is coming!

It is time to let your heart smile, breathe in peace and spread the sweetness of hope. Like this Christmas and have an excellent New Year!

That this year end, Jesus Christ is present in your heart to renew what you need in the next cycle. Have a blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

A Merry Christmas and a New Year Transformative for the beginning of another journey!

Remove the purity of the closet, shake the dust of innocence, recover the true smile and light the flame of hope in your heart, for it is time of celebration. Merry Christmas and a magnificent New Year!

Make no effort to make your past a reason to thank and your future is worth it. Merry Christmas and a great new year!

I wish your Christmas and New Year to be made from RS: restarts, redemption, laughter, achievements, resilience, reciprocity, resolution and rejoicing!

I wish you all what I hope for myself this Christmas and New Year: Strength to continue, joy to live, love to feel and achievement to celebrate!

Christmas will not be magical if you do not realize the details of kindness to be able to thank; The year will not be new if you do not choose to change. Think about it!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May your light become even brighter to illuminate your road to success.

Never give up trying again, because we never know when it will work. Just persist. Good start this Christmas and New Year!

Jesus came into the world to teach us about empathy, solidarity and genuine love. Always carry these lessons with you. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! That these dates arouse in you the joy of a fresh start.

May this Christmas bring back to innocence, the smile, the sweetness and the joy of the child who dwells in you so that you can live an extraordinary New Year!

The magic of a new time is in the air, as if life earned new perspectives. Enjoy this and have an excellent Christmas and New Year!

Christmas and New Year close another cycle of life. Open your heart to live what is to come!

Christmas and New Year is a period of communion, forgiveness, reconciliation and restarts. Leave what was negative behind and move on!

Merry Christmas and New Year! Thank this moment of hope and joy, and feel the heart welcomed by the greatness of life for the beginning that awaits you.

May the Christmas spirit make a fetter inside, awakening all that is best in your heart to prepare you when you come in the future. Merry Christmas and New Year!

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you who are willing to truly surrender to everything to come!

The Child Jesus was born, bringing with it a new period. Get inspired by the Christmas spirit and live a new year stuffed with blessings!

A new time requires a new version. Transform yourself! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I wish all lost hope to be restored, and that this time of year is not just commercial, but a leap in your faith. Merry Christmas and a great new year!

recharge your energy this Christmas and New Year, because – as much as the last 12 months have not been so good – the future always reserves something better.

The time has come to flourish, grow in love, light and good energies. This is the true meaning of Christmas and New Year! Enjoy!

May your home be filled with love, happiness, renewal and faith, and that the year that is coming bring the divine light on your family!

Between Christmas and New Year Week, take time to reflect on your dreams and desires for what is to come! This is how restarts are formed.

Life goes on in the blink of an eye. So enjoy every second the best way you can. Celebrate this Christmas and New Year with great joy!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Share this special moment of the year with whom you love the most creating extraordinary memories.

Merry Christmas and New Year! May the deepest desires of your heart be fulfilled by the owner of life: God.

How not to celebrate the arrival of the one who was born to give life for us? Merry Christmas and a New Year full of the grace of God!

May this Christmas lights light up in you the flame of happiness, love and faith, and that the new year bring you an awakening. Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and New Year! In this period of reflection and renewal, the Holy Spirit is upon you guiding you along the path of promise.

That Christmas gifts bring much more than what you asked for and dreamed and that the new year overflows from good things you expect so much!

It’s time to put on a beautiful outfit, eat the hottest foods and celebrate with those we love the most. Merry Christmas and New Year!

It’s time to celebrate and thank, leave the problems aside and enjoy! Life is very short for you to stop enjoying Christmas and New Year.

Between challenges, battles, achievements and losses, twelve long months have passed and nothing fairer than celebrating everything that has been experienced so far with these Christmas and New Year messages. Don’t you think?

Therefore, let the brightness of these holidays to cover you with good vibrations. At this point, release the child that exists in you, with all the dreams, jokes and desires that were probably set aside at some point.

In addition, share the spirit of joy and hope with as many people as you can. Even these holidays reflection messages and quotes will surely help you see different and boring this closing period. Be sure to check it out!

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