40 Catholic Christmas messages and quotes that carry the true meaning of the date

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The true meaning of Christmas is in the renewal of faith! With the birth of Jesus, our love for Him and for the Church is reborn, knowing that we find in it his materialization and a itinerary of salvation. In this sense, check out Catholic Christmas messages and quotes and share to spread the Christmas spirit the way you experience it!

Catholic Christmas messages and quotes to celebrate the birth of Jesus with great joy and faith

Living a truly Catholic Christmas requires a commitment that many are no longer determined to have, a commitment to make your life image and likeness of Christ.

Today, the Son of God was born: everything changes. The Savior of the world comes to become a participant in our human nature: we are no longer alone and abandoned.

We need to remember Christmas for what he really is: the day when the promise of salvation was fulfilled, the day the boy God came into the world to teach us to love!

Christmas is more true when we celebrate it giving the light of love to those who need the most.

Christmas, when lived by the church, is even brighter. The meaning of life is renewed. After all, love was born!

It’s Christmas whenever you let God love others through you… Yes, it’s Christmas whenever you smile to your brother and offer you your hand.

We put so many distractions at Christmas that we take from him his main meaning: The Birth of Jesus Christ!

A Catholic Christmas is a humble party, where the meaning is more than the decoration. It was in the most humble place that love was born!

It is an honor for me to celebrate Christmas feeling the presence of the Holy Family around me!

Christmas, time of love and forgiveness. May the light of the love of Jesus be a constant in your life. Merry Christmas!

A Christian Christmas, lived with Jesus Christ, carries the light that our days have needed.

May Mary give us the grace of living an “outgoing” and not dispersive Christmas: that in the center is not our “me”, but the you of Jesus and the you of the brothers, especially those who need help. /P>

I learned from my family how to celebrate Christmas: a day that makes sense to all others, because the Savior was born for me and you!

Christmas is within each of us Catholics within our hearts to be found. After all, love came to be born in the most humble place!

Merry Christmas! May God enlighten your days in this new year that will be born, may the arrival of the boy God bring hope in your heart and Mary take care of you as a son interceding so that your steps will lead you to the will of God!

Every Catholic learns from the Holy Family the right way to celebrate Christmas. Happy December 25th!

Christmas makes us approach distances, cross borders and form new bonds of peace and friendship. Let us then make this party a beautiful contemplation of harmony, a crib in our laughing hearts, a star illuminating our dreams.

Christmas is the feast of life, because you, Jesus, coming to light like each of us, have blessed the time of birth: a time that symbolically represents the mystery of human existence, combining affliction with hope, pain to Joy.

Christmas lived with God makes more sense. Try it!

Christmas is not about the look, the decoration, or the supper. It is about how love is born even in the midst of difficulties, it is about imitating Christ helping his brother and meeting himself with himself and with him!

After I was awakened to faith, Christmas took a new meaning. These are no longer ornaments, but about the essence of love! Thank God for my connection with Him!

Christmas is love in action. Every time we love, every time we donate, it’s Christmas.

May the Holy Spirit be present in each other’s life and may all be illuminated by their light! May the presence of the boy God teach us to love and trust in Him!

Christ was born to us! Glory to God in the heights and peace on earth to the men of his liking: to all the echo of this announcement of Bethlehem, that the Catholic Church resonates through all continents, without looking at national, linguistic and cultural borders.

When Jesus was born, the whole world was surrounded by a new light. Now he is the way, the truth and the life! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all the brothers who share the Catholic faith with me and to all who do not yet know God. Every time we love Christmas it happens! May we follow together on this walk and announce this truth: Love was born!

Christmas recovers its meaning within the church. Each little light comes to reflect the light of Christ. Each gift remember the offerings given to Jesus and that the life of the other deserves to be celebrated. Each food sharing, Jesus becomes present. In the church, I find a family and faith becomes a reality and moves life. Merry Christmas!

May the Christmas spirit bring to our hearts the unshakable faith of those who believe in a new time of peace and love.

May the baby Jesus make home in the crib of his heart, radiating him with his light and his love. May we be like the wise men offering the treasures of our lives to God and to others. Merry Christmas!

May the Viute Mary, St. Joseph and the Child Jesus be present in our homes this Christmas teaching us the meaning of family and that love manifested by them illuminates our hearts!

a good Christmas, prosperity in the new year and that you achieve all your goals. May God, in his infinite goodness, bless and fill our hearts on Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas! May we commune the love and simplicity of Jesus Christ together with those who walk in faith with us! May we manifest in the world the joy of having known the boy God!

May the Holy Spirit pour blessings upon your home, make your home image and likeness of Nazareth’s family so that you can welcome this truth: Love was born! Merry Christmas!

May the birth of Jesus rescue our hope and confidence in God’s designs for our lives. He came for love and wants to teach us to love. Merry Christmas!

May God, in His infinite goodness, bless and fill all hearts with peace on that day. May He teach us how to welcome love and to give us to the one who needs it most, just as Christ would. Merry Christmas!

Blessed is everyone who believes in God’s promise. May the baby Jesus enlighten your Christmas and make your life a true offer of love. Have a blessed Christmas in the molds of the Holy Family!

Jesus is the birthday girl, but the greatest gift is intended for you: life, the love we celebrate in family!

What a joy to celebrate the love of Jesus Christ for us! What a joy to contemplate the love that becomes sharing in our midst and modifies our life! Long live Christmas! Long live the church!

That, this Christmas, let us again be children who rejoice with the little things to live the kingdom of heaven today. May the blessings of God fall upon us and our Church for the intercession of Mary, Mother of God, to the one who always fulfilled the will of Him!

That Jesus may be present not only on this date, but in all your life, making every moment a manifestation of your love for you. Merry Christmas!

Christmas is a very bright time! To show yourself grateful for this light and all other blessings, also check out gratifying Christmas messages and quotes.

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