40 car messages and quotes for those who love to be on four wheels

By: Tranoniq.com

In addition to being vehicles that bring more practicality to travel, cars also won the love of people. There are those who love the old ones, the downgrades or those who just like to carefully take care of their vehicle. So check out quotes of cars that will make you laugh and express what you feel for yours!

Best car quotes

To start the list, check out the best car quotes! They talk about the feeling of driving, what you feel for your car and are also ideal for making stickers.

Give your car value! Not for how much it is worth, but what it means to you.

It was God who gave me!

Your horn does not helicopterize me.

Sometimes I want to go driving around …

beautiful car is the one you take care of!

high heels and angry car!

We don’t need to know where we’re going, we just need to go.

foot is worse!

Before an old car than walking!

guided by God!

Citations of old cars

Old cars are classic and no one can deny it. Difficult someone is not enchanted to see one of them parading around the city. So check out some quotes that talk about them!

While some drive cars, I take care of legends.

One day your new car will be old and I will continue to be a classic.

This is tri-flex. In gas, tow and push.

Not all of Brasilia are corrupt.

is old, but it’s paid.

This grandma deserves respect. Give the elderly turn.

my car is old, but it is better than a lot of new car out there!

Is your car of the year? Mine is from the century!

Before you talk bad about mine, finish paying yours.

Old car no, old vehicle.

Citations of downgraded cars

Lowered cars also have a great legion of fans. Below, check out quotes about them that are full of humor, ideal for stickers or use on social networks!

ants are to be lowered!

a little bit about it.

Life is too short not to lower the car.

crazy as we live little, but live as they want.

cries male, this is girl!

Who likes to travel high is a plane pilot.

Low car on hard track, both hits until it jumps.

Call the Xuxa that the short arrived!

Say no to springs!

Back because I’m afraid of height.

Tumblr cars

Finally, some more quotes that talk about love for cars and are ideal for those who do not live without all four wheels.

My car is a work of art. You can admire, look and photograph, but you can’t play!

may not have Bluetooth, no Wi-Fi, but it connects with me in a way that no technology can.

Warning: Do not stir my car. Injuries or death can happen.

A well -kept car is better than a lot of people out there.

It’s old, but it’s paid. And you who are on foot?

If I cried or smiled, the important thing is that your opinion about my car I didn’t ask.

a car anyone can buy. Love for the car, No.

I control the reins, but it is God who shows the way.

Driving my car around always makes me thought better.

Set your car to you. Who needs an audience is circus!

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