40 boredom messages and quotes to say bye to that feeling

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We all go through moments where we do not know what to do, we do not feel satisfied with anything or find no interest in performing any activity. These moments are perfect definitions of boredom.

To help you not get bored anymore is that we list to follow boredom messages and quotes capable of encouraging you and pushing you away from you immediately. Check it out!

boredom messages and quotes for those who want to scare their laziness and enjoy life

boredom is coming so many times to visit me that I already call him “Ted”.

Do not complain about boredom, life is short and one day until the annoyance of times gone will provoke longing.

boredom was so great that I decided to do only what I feel like!

Passions do less bad than boredom, as they tend to decrease and it increases.

I never had money so I could be boring at ease.

feels bored inventing a life for you, but does not invent stories in the lives of others.

To get rid of boredom, allow yourself to be infected with creativity!

In this world, the only horrible thing is boredom. This is the only sin for which there is no forgiveness.

Without moments of boredom or sadness I live my life with all the joy and intensity!

provoke me. Kiss Me. Challenge me. Take me seriously. I get me out of boredom. Turn my world inside out.

ATTENTION: This life contains explicit scenes of boredom in the intervals of emotion.

Whenever I stop making the wrong choices, my life becomes boredom.

If boredom is a trend, today I’m fashionable.

My crazy friends are the best, because they always get me from this boredom that is everyday.

boredom is the most modern feeling there is!

boredom is an invention of lazy.

Work saves us from three great ills: boredom, addiction and need.

I even wanted to be normal, but I never sympathized a lot with boredom.

A friendly phrase takes us out of boredom.

What I will never know is because I do all this with me just because I have so much dread of boredom. That’s all what I needed to know.

Almost all men live unconsciously in boredom. Boredom is the background of life, it was boredom that invented games, distractions, novels and love.

boredom is the disease of hearts without feelings and poor souls.

You realize that there is another level of boredom when you can’t leave the room to the living room without pain.

Art is what saves us from everyday boredom!

Rumors that my vacation would be boredom are confirmed.

If monkeys even experienced boredom, they could become people.

When the human being discovers his potentialities and vocations, he surpasses boredom, little motivation and basal dissatisfaction.

boredom is the worst of all states.

condition of man: inconsistency, boredom and restlessness.

Dilema: Too too bored to stay home and too lazy to leave.

boredom is so tedious that even boredom has boredom of it.

rest is a good thing, but boredom is your brother.

Do you know what my greatest concern is? It is killing boredom. Whoever provides this service to humanity would be the true destroyer of monsters.

Sunday: International Boredom Day.

My fantastic quartet: boredom, hunger, laziness and sleep.

Pass all year asking for vacation, to get vacation and spend every day of her complaining about boredom.

Great coexistence are one millimeter of boredom.

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.

boredom is nothing but the sensation of the emptiness of existence.

the one who invented boredom had nothing to do!

We should never let boredom settle permanently in our lives. So take the opportunity to check out our selection of messages and quotes to enjoy life and find the incentive necessary to enjoy every second with great mood!

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