40 birthday messages and quotes for grandson who is very loved by his grandparents

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How good it is to have a very close grandson of us and be able to grow it with health, wisdom and a lot of love. Especially when this young boy is becoming a man and filling his grandparents with pride. So, celebrate his day with the birthday messages and quotes for grandson we selected and say how special he is. Check it out!

Birthday messages and quotes for grandson who show a lot of love and affection

My dear grandson, you are the cuteness that the grandmother loves most. Happy birthday! Remember that I am always here to give you affection and pamper you.

Happy Birthday, grandson of my heart! May this day be very special and may God bless you with a year full of joy and great love of Grandma!

I am grateful to God for having the best grandson in the world and being able to celebrate his life with such joy. You are special for our whole family. Happy Birthday and God bless you a lot!

Happy Birthday, my grandson! May God fill you with joys and blessings and that you never forget that this old lady here loves you with all the heart and wants you very well.

My grandson, what will you want to eat to celebrate your birthday? Today the day is all yours and I will fulfill all your requests. Happy birthday! I love you so much.

Happy Birthday, my grandson! You are already grown up and become a golden boy. I love you so much and you always pray that God will take care of your life and your heart.

You were a long -awaited gift, my grandson! Your life is a blessing and deserves to be celebrated. May this day be full of joys, peace and a lot of celebration. I love you!

Happy Birthday, my beloved grandson! I wish the best things in life for this day, have a lot of health and peace. Don’t stay long without visiting me. I love you!

You are my great love, my grandson! How happy to see you grow and turn into a boy who fills us with pride. Happy birthday! You will always have my lap to give you affection when you need.

No matter how much you grow, you will always be my beloved grandson. Happy birthday, my boy! May this year be full of pleasant surprises and a lot of health.

Happy Birthday, my beloved grandson! May we have a lot of fun this year and that nothing keeps us from being well together. I already kept my kisses and hugs that are just yours!

I can’t believe that time has gone through it and you grew so much. Happy birthday, my grandson! May you continue with very healthy and discover your place in the world.

Happy Birthday, my dear grandson! You are an amazing boy, my partner for great adventures. May the grandpa can teach you a lot of cool things in life. I love you!

Happy Birthday! You are the grandson I always asked God. Affectionate, smart, dedicated and very intelligent. I love you with all heart. May your day be filled with everything you deserve!

Let us continue to be very friends, my grandson. Happy birthday! Count on me for everything you need and even to escape your home for a few days.

Happy Birthday, my grandson! May the peace of God invade your heart and may you know that your family will always cheer for your happiness. I love you with all the heart!

I always wanted to be a grandmother and you are the realization of this dream. I love you with everything I am, my grandson dear. Happy birthday! Grow a little slower for us to enjoy your life more.

I love to see you grow, my grandchild! I love to have you always around and can enjoy all your phases. Happy birthday! May you have a lot of health to live many, many years old.

My grandson, you have only the good parts of your children. We can play, have fun and I can pamper you with a lot. Happy Birthday, my little one!

Happy Birthday, my beloved grandson! You have changed my life since you were born, because it filled it with much more love. May God bless your day and make you grow with great health and joy.

Congratulations Today they go to my beloved grandson. May it be a year of many fun discoveries and a lot of animation. Happy birthday! I love you!

Happy Birthday, my boy! May we celebrate with many kisses, hugs and cake. Grandma loves you so much!

The cake today will have special candles, because you are the most wonderful grandson in the world. Happy birthday, my boy! May you feel affection for everyone who loves you.

You will receive many congratulations today, but Grandma’s is the most special. Happy birthday, honey! You are the love of my life and I will do everything to see you happy.

Happy Birthday, my grandson! You are the most precious part of my story and I am very grateful for God to have chosen you to cheer up our lives. Enjoy your day, my boy!

We’re a beautiful duo, don’t you think, my grandson? Happy Birthday and that we can keep inventing games, living adventures and building toys together.

There was another birthday of my grandchild I love with all heart! This day is very special. May God bless you and present us with many years of your life. Congratulations!

The day was born even more beautiful to celebrate the day of the most beautiful boy in the world, my grandson. Happy birthday! Pass here at home that has cake waiting for you!

You are already a graduated man, my grandson. What a pride of your trajectory and everything you have ever lived. Happy birthday! May it be an lively and blessed day.

We always pray to God to give you everything your heart desires, grandson. May your birthday be very happy and that you feel all the love of your grandparents. We love you!

Happy Birthday, Netinho! You are so small and have already changed great things in my heart. I will do everything so you grow happy and very loved!

Happy birthday, grandson dear! May your day be as wonderful as you deserve. The grandma is missing and crazy to fill you with kisses and hugs.

What a desire to be close to celebrate this day! Remember that I love you so much and I’m asking God to give you a beautiful day. Happy Birthday, grandson!

My dear grandson, how I love you and I want you well! That by blowing the candles, you want all your dreams to come true. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, my beautiful grandson! You are sweet, smart, excited and very fun. Your arrival brought joy to our house and we love you so much!

Happy birthday for the love of my life, my so -awaited grandson. You have changed my story and I’m grateful to have you. May you grow a lot and always be loved.

Happy Birthday, my beloved grandson! You are special and never let you the opposite. Always be you and you will be very happy.

What a beautiful day to celebrate my grandson’s birthday. Congratulations! May you continue to grow with grace, wisdom and health. You fill me with pride.

my grandson, I’m ready to celebrate your birthday with a very tasty cake and a very tight hug. Congratulations!

Happy Birthday, my grandson! You deserve a world of achievements and I know that God will give you. Have a very excited and love day. A kiss!

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