40 birthday messages and quotes for affectionate and very special boyfriend

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Wishing congratulations to your boyfriend is much more special than in any other situation. For the love of your life, the happy birthday is always loaded with affection, affection and romanticism! To help you this special day, check out birthday messages and quotes for your boyfriend. Be sure to congratulate your metada!

Exciting birthday messages and quotes for boyfriend

A congratulations loaded with feeling melts your heart to the most tough boyfriends! Those who make us so happy deserve a special statement! Thinking about it, we have separated some exciting birthday messages and quotes for boyfriend, who will make your great love sigh!

The person who makes my day and life happier is completing another year of life. Happy Birthday, my love!

It’s so good to be by your side on your birthday. Every day I thank God for his existence and for the joy of sharing life by his side.

Congratulations, my love! You are a special boyfriend and I only want your life to be full of everything that makes you good.

Happy Birthday, Love! I wish you a lot of success, accomplishments, much health and a lot of peace.

My love, every way chosen reserve good surprises. May none of us forget the strength you have. Happy Birthday!

Thank you for being by your side and being this wonderful person who accompanies me. I wish you many years of life and hope that all these years will be by my side!

The greatest gift I received in life was you! You are a dream that has come true! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Love! May your life be rich with health, peace, happiness, dreams achieved and a lot of prosperity!

Congratulations, love! Your life is part of mine, your joy also makes me happy. May your victories be huge and that God’s blessings always contemplate you!

Congratulations, my love! May your days be full of the same happiness you give me.

Birthday messages and quotes for distant boyfriend

When dating is at a distance, longing weighs even more on special days like this. But that is not why this date needs to go blank! Check out our birthday messages and quotes for a distant boyfriend and show that, even far, your love goes beyond barriers!

You are distant, but the love and security that makes me feel from afar make me feel the luckiest woman in the world! Happy Birthday, my love!

On this special day, even far away, I want to tell you about my love for you, I want to say that I love you! I wish you all the happiness in the world to you! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, my love! I hope you are very happy. I wanted to be with you to celebrate this special day. I wish you millions of happiness, I will always be here. I love you!

The gift I give you when we review ourselves, but my votes for an amazing birthday are already here. Enjoy your day, my love!

I want to make it clear how well you want you and how much happiness you wish on this special day, even being away. Have a beautiful and memorable birthday!

Happy Birthday, my dengo. Every year you complete, but you become an amazing man. I’m missing you, see? I love you!

Congratulations, my love! As I wanted to be close to you at this very special moment … Another year full of life for you and us. I love you!

I just wanted to be able to give you the tight hug in the world now, but unfortunately the distance took you from me. But I love you with all my heart, see? Happy birthday, love of my life.

I can’t wait to go back to fill you with pampering you deserve so much! Happy Birthday, my love.

Despite the distance, it’s day to celebrate the birthday of the most important person of my life: you! Happy Birthday, my love!

Birthday messages and quotes for boring boyfriend

Every dating has that person likes to get on the foot! That’s what makes the relationship lighter and more fun! It was thinking of these implicating beings that we separated our best birthday messages and quotes here for boring boyfriend. After all, he may even piss him off, but he is our favorite boring!

You are boring, but I love you anyway. Happy Birthday!

You can be a boring boyfriend, but I wish your heart to always be full of love and happiness. Congratulations!

You can be boring, but you are my beloved boyfriend. I always want to be by your side, happy birthday!

You are very boring, but I don’t know how you would live without your boring. Happy Birthday, Love!

You are the best of boyfriends, but you are also the most boring. But I still want to be by your side every minute. Happy Birthday and God bless you a lot!

That makes nothing give up on your dreams. Happy Birthday to the most boring boyfriend in the world!

You know how to make me happy, but you also know how to get me seriously. Even so, I can’t stay away from you. Congratulations, my love!

You’re boring and marty, but it’s mine and I love you above anything. Congratulations and may God continue to protect you!

With each passing year, it looks like you get a little more boring. I’ll ban you from having a birthday, huh?! I love you, life. Congratulations!

I confess that you are boring, but I love your way of loving me. Happy Birthday, my life!

Best Birthday messages and quotes for Boyfriend

Every boyfriend deserves a special congratulations, after all, makes our life more colorful. Haven’t you found that inspiration you need yet? Check out this list with the best birthday messages and quotes for boyfriend to give that little push when declaring all your love!

May you continue to be the best boyfriend in the world, I wish you all the most wonderful in this life! Happy Birthday!

My love, may you have a lot of peace, health and love in your life! May all your dreams come true and you keep shining and radiating your light wherever you go. Happy Birthday!

I wish you a life full of happy moments, lightness, peace, tenderness, affection and dreams. Happy Birthday, my eternal love!

On your birthday, who gets a gift is me for being by your side. Happy Birthday My Love.

I will always be by your side, contributing to your life to be complete, to receive all the love of the world and cheering for your success always. Congratulations on your day, I love you!

Happy Birthday, my love! I want to wish you all the best for you, to remain this wonderful person, who has won me, who moves me and makes me happy every day.

You are my everyday gift and I never tire of giving GOD for existing. Thank you, my love, for existing! Happy Birthday!

The more you are part of my life, the more I want to have you around. Happy Birthday, Love.

My world would not have the same grace if you did not exist. Thank you for living and making me live, my love. I love you, happy birthday!

I wish you the same happiness that I dream to me, that you fulfill more years and that for all of them is always happy! Congratulations, love of my life!

Demonstrate what we feel for our love on such a special day, it is priceless. But all those we like deserve a neat congratulations! So, check out our list of short birthday messages and quotes and share happiness!

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