40 birthday messages and quotes for 1 year old son who celebrate their baby

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It is so special to see your baby grow and turn into a child who runs around the house and rejoices everyone! It is even more amazing, celebrating its existence and its achievements. Take advantage of this special date to celebrate this milestone and say how much you love. Check out the best birthday messages and quotes for 1 year old son and share the fun of seeing your first discoveries!

Anniversary messages and quotes for 1 year child who celebrates this special date

Congratulations to the boy who makes the house more colorful and noisy, that is, happier. I love you, my son!

Our little angel is already 1 year. Time goes by fast. Not every day is easy, but everyone is worth it when you have a smile like that to give us. Happy Birthday!

It is a baby who runs around the house and makes the most beautiful mess I have ever seen. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary, son.

It’s been 1 year since I have the honor of seeing you grow closely. May God bless every little step you give, my son. Congratulations!

You illuminate the house, son. May your light grow more every birthday. Congratulations on your 1 year old!

1 year that joy is constant and prevails even in the most challenging days. Congratulations, my son!

1 year ago, we live a love that you can’t explain. My son, grow healthy, wisdom and lightness. We love you.

It seems that you have always been here because I don’t remember what happiness was like without you, son. Happy 1 year anniversary!

My baby is completing 1 year of life. What a blessing to see you grow and become a child. Congratulations, son!

365 days ago life has become better because we have you. Keep growing, but go slowly to enjoy everything. Congratulations, son!

The family grew up and it was our best decision. How good it is to have you and see you grow. Congratulations on your 1st year of life, son.

You are the reason for my joy, my strength and my will to live. Congratulations on your 1 year of life, son.

Time flies and our baby is already 1 year old. Congratulations, little. We love you with all our hearts!

Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary, my little prince. Life is good because I have you here, very close to me.

so small and so important to me. My life is seeing you smiling, my son. Cheers on your 1st anniversary!

Your laughs are my favorite sound. I can stay all day watching you. I don’t see myself anymore without you. Happy 1 year anniversary!

You are the most beautiful baby in the world and have the most restorative smile. Congratulations, my son. 1 year of us already!

It’s been 1 year that everything is about you and how it has been amazing. Congratulations, my son!

Today is a party day and celebrating our little star that is 1 year old. Happy birthday, son. You are the most beautiful boy that exists and will still win the world.

My son, make sure I will show you the good side of life and guide you for happiness. Congratulations on your 1 year old.

Your smile is my medicine, your affection is my strength and your presence is my joy for 1 year. Happy Birthday, Son!

1 year that the world has changed to us. Congratulations son! May you always have a sincere smile on your face and the world will be yours.

I will be your safe haven and protect you from everything I can, my son. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary.

It’s been 1 year since my sleep is light because I need to hear you, feel that it is there giving meaning to our life. I think of you all the time. I love you, son. Congratulations!

I ask God to continue to bless you and fill you with light, my baby. After all, you illuminate our life. Happy 1 year anniversary!

Your birth was the most transformative experience I have ever lived. I have always discovered something new in us for 1 year. Congratulations, my son.

The house is always messy, but the heart has been in order and overflowing with love since you were born. 1 year ago we have been awarded the purest love. Happy Birthday, Son.

You are an affectionate, excited, fun and energy -filled baby … of the way it had to be. Cheers on your 1st birthday, son!

I didn’t even think I could feel such a love for someone so small. My baby, you are my reason for living. Congratulations!

Today, congratulations is for my baby that is 1 year old. There were so many adaptations and adventures at this time. I can’t wait to live what is to come.

nothing more will be as it was before. Today everything is much better because your little smile makes up for every effort. Congratulations on your first birthday, son.

Your smile has been filling me with vitality for 1 year. It’s amazing, I can always do more when I look at him. Cheers in all your life, my son.

My congratulations, son! May you continue to be a cheerful, light and full child. It’s beautiful to see you playing and having fun, how much you trust your little life to us without fear.

May your whole life be light, just as your 1st year of existence was, son. I love you more than anything!

I want to protect you from the world and teach you how to face head responsibilities even when I can, my son. Happy 1 year anniversary!

You are the most beautiful gift I got and I can’t believe it has been 1 year since it happened. Congratulations, my baby!

Your smile gives me strength to my most tiring days. I love you so much, son. Congratulations!

Keep filling the house with joy and our heart of love as it has been in this 1st year of life. I love you!

The most precious part of my life has reached 1 year of existence. You are my great love, my little one. Happy Birthday!

When you were born, I found a new reason to live. I always want to see you happy. Congratulations on your 1 year, son.

May you celebrate this special moment a lot. To say how much your little one loves and does everything to make him happy, check out messages and quotes for her baby child!

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