40 baptized messages and quotes that symbolize the surrender of life to God

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It is never too late to surrender to God. The baptism symbolizes this choice and the beginning of a sacred life guided by the Lord and far from sin.

To celebrate this blessed day, we select messages and quotes for baptized that demonstrate your faith and confidence in the divine path. Check it out and share!

Christening messages and quotes that demonstrate their meaning full of faith

May the light of this baptism illuminate the path of this child and the whole family.

God opens the doors of your home on the day of your divine baptism. May the Lord bless your life.

Today is the day of your baptism. From now on you walk side by side with God.

Baptism is the first sacrament and the beginning of a life enlightened by the goodness of God.

On baptism day you will receive God in your little heart.

The greatest proof of love for God is baptism, for it symbolizes a life of faith in the Lord.

Baptism purifies and prepares for a life of love and compassion with God in the heart.

God has given you life and with baptism you are choosing his company until eternity.

The baptism is a beautiful moment of communion and faith for the whole family and deserves to be divided with special people.

Today you receive God’s blessing through baptism and never feel alone.

Baptism is not for those prepared, it is for those who want to prepare.

God trust my life and I give myself through the blessed celebration of baptism.

Baptism is the first step to eternal life.

Our paths become lighter for baptism, for with Him God always walks with us emanating his light.

A precious life must be delivered totally to the Lord, who will direct his steps and his heart.

To receive the sacrament of baptism is to open the doors to God and his kingdom of happiness.

Baptism does not mean washing the dirt from the body, but the commitment to God that comes from a clean consciousness.

Today I receive the blessing of the daddy from heaven and the love of the baby Jesus in my heart.

It is only Christ who baptizes, confirms, forgives and healing.

Baptism gives me the grace of being dead for sin and alive for Christ.

As soon as someone is in Christ, a new creature is; Old things have passed; Behold, everything has been new.

By baptism I received the light of Christ and it will guide me forever.

Baptism is an act of devotion. Demonstrates that we have a god and that we want to unite with Him through this holy Sacrament.

What a joy is to see the light of baptism illuminating the life of another child.

I baptized you with water. But Jesus will baptize you in the Holy Spirit!

My son, my love, receive the grace of God, for this is the way of truth. Today is your baptized!

In fact I tell you that the one who does not be born of water and the Spirit cannot enter the kingdom of God.

On this special day of your baptized, I give you to the care of God that for you from heaven will take care of!

Baptism is the beginning of a beautiful life, full of health and affection.

Jesus takes care of those who give himself to infinite love celebrated at the time of baptism.

Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved.

It is for trusting the Lord and good that he provides me that I give myself to the divine sacrament of baptism.

May the baptism to which we submit to our soul and heart to divine features.

closer to God and free from evil lives the one who gives Himself to Baptism.

Baptism is a moment of tuning and unity, as the history of the child with God begins.

It is like an expression of our love for you, our devotion, that we unite you to God through baptism.

You are still a child, but in the future your baptized will be very strong in your own.

We will now deliver your soul to the Creator through the sacred sacrament of baptism, and I will ask him to protect, take care and orient.

My daughter, the world rejoiced with your arrival! Therefore, today I present you to God and I ask His protection, which loves you so much, to take care of your future.

May this baptism represent the word of God in your life and that your blessings cover you forever.

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