40 baptized messages and quotes for son who celebrate their delivery to the Lord

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Baptism is a very important day. After all, mark the complete delivery to the Lord and the beginning of the walk in the faith. When your Son is the one who is being consecrated to God, everything becomes even more special. Celebrate this moment with joy checking the best baptized messages and quotes for son and share the great blessing that is this sacrament!

Baptized messages and quotes for child who fill their life with blessings

I trust your life to God, my son, because I know he will do the best for you.

My son, you are beginning your life in faith and I have my heart overflowing with joy! Today you are also part of God’s spiritual family.

My son, now you are from the Lord. May he always talk to you and you are ready to obey you. I will be by your side to strengthen ourselves together on this walk to the sky.

May the light of this baptism guide you and bless you in all your life, my son. God will always take care of you.

I’m thrilled with this moment. My son is from the Lord and was consecrated to Him. May today be the beginning of a walk honoring his name through the life of this little one, my God!

My faith grows to see you being given to God in baptism, my son! You brought Him presence closer to our family. May it always be like this!

God is opening the doors for you and will bless you with a life full of miracles and love.

rejoice to know that you are supported by God and that he received you with open arms on the day of your baptized, my son.

The sky rejoices with your baptism and we are all in celebration for seeing you consecrated to God, my little one. It is the sky that opens for you, son!

On the day of your baptism, God is receiving you with joy, my son. May He always bless you.

Bless my baby, sir. Receive it for baptism and take care of each of your steps.

The beginning of your religious walk begins with baptism, my son. May she always be blessed by honoring the votes made on that day!

Today is your baptism, my son, and I am so happy to know that you will live in the security of the Lord.

The first step in faith has already been taken, you have been delivered to the Lord by the baptized, my son, just as He Himself presented us with your life! Today our family celebrates the grace to be one in God.

Your walk in faith is just beginning. May she be full of good surprises, grace under grace revealing how much God loves you in every detail.

You will receive God in your little heart, my son, and I know that He will fill every little piece of yours from today.

I’m thrilled with your baptism because now I know you are safe and protected by God.

The work of creating you will be shared between us, God and the Church. May your life be blessed, my son!

You will have a life of faith in the Lord, starting today, with your baptized, my son. I know she will be beautiful.

This moment is proof of how much we love God and you. We give you to the Lord Baptism, my son.

Always walk with God, starting today, my son. I know he will do great things in your life.

Your life beside the Lord is just beginning, my son. May He illuminate you and guide your steps close to Him.

Your life has been consecrated to the Lord and we are calm because we know that he will do the best.

It is exciting to see that you start your walk with God. May your faith always grow, my son! May our family be a domestic church, a piece of heaven reminding you of the votes we signed on that day.

My little one has been consecrated to the Lord and will live on the path of faith. I will be your partner in this process, my son.

God is transforming your life from now on, my son. That he spills blessings on you through the baptism.

We trust that your life belongs to the Lord, so we give it to Him through the sacrament of baptism.

Lord, receive my boy in his arms and bless every phase of his life. He’s yours, my father!

You are born again, but being born in faith and the Lord. Congratulations on the christening, my son.

Your way in faith is just beginning and you are already living beautiful miracles of the Lord. May God bless you, my son.

Always trust God, my son. Feel your presence in your life every day, starting with today.

Your life is precious, my son. Therefore, we give it to the Lord in baptism because He will lead you and protect in each step.

Baptism prepares you for a life of purification and trust in the Lord. Congratulations on the decision, my son.

You are being delivered to the Lord and I am relieved to see you protected by God, my son.

God gave you life and you gave you back to Him. Congratulations on your baptism, son.

May the water of baptism wash your soul and lead your steps to the way of God, my son!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing my son being consecrated to the Lord. May He always lead your steps!

The Light of Christ was delivered to you by baptism, Son. That you can see your path clearly.

May God fill your heart of love and your life of light from today. A small step in faith is a great story of love sacrament by the Lord!

You will learn so many things about God in your walk. I hope you love it with all your heart, starting with today.

Your boy was handed over to the Lord and it is his role to instruct him in the way of faith. To follow the word of God, check out messages and quotes of verses about children and teach you with love!

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