40 Baby Welcome messages and quotes that arrived bringing more joy

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The arrival of a baby is a beautiful milestone for the family and everyone who knows him. He is a sign of renewed hope, of love and a lot of good things that will still come. Congratulations who has just had a little boy with the best baby welcome messages and quotes. Check it out and wish the little one a happy and blessed life!

Baby welcome messages and quotes and wishes for a happy life

Welcome to this world, little baby. Know that you have just made it more beautiful!

I can’t stop smiling, such is the happiness of having you in my arms. You were long awaited. Welcome, my baby!

God sent a little angel to brighten our family. May your life be blessed by him!

Congratulations, family! This beautiful baby has arrived bringing joy and beauty to our world!

We are welcoming you with love and promising to make your life very happy, baby!

I only promise you to protect you from evil and show you happiness. Welcome, baby!

The days will be more excited because a little little being arrived to shake everything around here. Welcome, baby!

Our hearts are overflowing with joy just because you arrived. Imagine how it will be following each discovery of yours! Your life will be beautiful and we will always be by your side, baby!

Your arrival is a blessing that has restored hope and love in our family. Welcome, baby!

Your life is just beginning and will be an adventure full of love and discoveries. Welcome, baby!

I promise to love you, take care of you, make you happy in your life. You are our sprout of hope. I love you, my baby!

Your story is starting today and I know it will have a lot of happy twists. I love you, my baby!

Your journey is just beginning, baby. May you always have support to overcome the challenges!

You are my joy in this confusing world. I will show you everything I love here. Welcome, my baby!

I can’t believe the time to know your face finally arrived. May your life be beautiful and blessed!

Your light has shines in the lives of us all. Always continue like this in your life, my little one!

My baby has arrived and I am not fitting so much joy. Welcome, my little one! May we live many fascinating experiences together.

You are God’s promise that has been fulfilled in my life. May He bless your story that is just beginning!

You arrived and put my world inside out; I wish you a lot of health, love and strength in your life that is just beginning!

I want to always see you smiling, always happy and always full of life. Welcome to this world and that happiness thrives in your life.

I love you so much and you just just born. How can this be? May your life be beautiful!

A beautiful adventure is beginning and you are the protagonist. We are happy to be part of it. Welcome, baby!

I just want to see you smiling and discovering the world with your own hands. Welcome, baby!

family, may God bless you with the arrival of this beautiful angel of light! It’s amazing how a child renews our gaze to the world. May it always be like this!

My little one, you have just arrived and have already filled us with hope and life. How good it is to have you here. Welcome!

You are a being of light and will have a life guided by God. Welcome, little!

God sent an angel to brighten his family and bless their lives. Congratulations on the arrival of this little one!

You are a gift that has changed everything and everyone around you. Welcome, baby. You will be very happy!

I look at your face and thank God for choosing me to educate and create you. Welcome!

How good it is to know that a new life is among us. Congratulations, beautiful family! May God bless the life of this beautiful baby!

Hope has taken over our hearts with its arrival. Welcome and congratulations to the whole family!

The best sensation in the world is to see a new life starting. Welcome, small. You are very beautiful!

God has given this family with endless joy that is starting now. Congratulations on the birth of the baby!

It is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I know that God will bless your whole story. Welcome!

Welcome to this crazy world, but full of love. You are the renewed hope for all of us!

The path will be long, but it will be beautiful. You will be independent and write a beautiful story. Welcome, baby!

Your superpower is to brighten us all with just a few days of life. May God bless you, baby!

May your light never turn off and always illuminate our life. Welcome, little!

You are hope, it is the confirmation of the love of God and his promises. Welcome, small. We love you so much!

The world has filled with joy, peace, love and happiness with its arrival. Be very welcome, baby!

For sure, the family will receive this message with a lot of love. To continue bringing affection to the little one, see newborn baby messages and quotes that express a lot of joy for this life that has just arrived!

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