40 antisocial messages and quotes for those who really like it is from the company itself

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If you feel you don’t fit, you don’t like social interactions and are lazy to meet new people, then welcome to the Antisocial Club! It’s okay to be like this, as long as you are not rude or rude to others, right? Enjoy and read these antisocial messages and quotes to reflect on the theme!

Antisocial messages and quotes to isolate yourself from the world and be alone

Being antisocial is a kind of mechanism of mine not to hurt me.

But I am an aberration, I am a weird. What the hell am I doing here? I do not belong to this place.

I grew up in a very isolated way. I became antisocial. I couldn’t find friends from those who liked it, to be compatible with me, or who liked what I liked.

To be antisocial is to shield yourself from the failures and hypocrisies of society.

If you feel bored when you are alone it is because you are in bad company.

Is love be giving to the other loneliness itself? Because it is the last thing that can be given of yourself.

I am very used to isolating myself, avoiding much contact and being like that, antisocial. And it’s okay, because I’m happy like that.

I’m not antisocial, I just can’t stand stupid people. And the world is full of them.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m strange. Weird. I don’t fit myself, I don’t even want to.

I am not antisocial, the society that is “anti-e”.

I feel very comfortable when I’m with you. It’s amazing because I usually don’t feel comfortable close to … well, no one.

– Sorry for the delay. / – What happened? / – Anything. I just didn’t want to come.

Before being antisocial than being false and pretending to like everyone.

Let the sun shine outside and say hi to never. All people are dancing and having so much fun, I wanted this to happen to me.

Solitude is the luck of all exceptional spirits.

I was always antisocial, I never felt that it belonged somewhere or that I fitted.

Being Antisocial is a gift of intelligent and intellectual people who know how to escape falsehood and get their own idea about their choices.

antisocials of the world, unite!

I am not excluding or antisocial, I just preserve myself to avoid concern.

I said, but I will repeat: I am not an antisocial person. I’m just selective.

No one likes the company of others as much as someone who usually avoids the company of other people.

Please do not force the bar with me. I like to be alone, in my own company and I am very happy like that!

Each time I convince myself more than the main function of social networks is to reveal to us how antisocial we can.

Sorry to be antisocial, is that I hate you all.

I grew up like this, alone and without many friends. And it’s okay, because I got used to being my best company.

For me, socializing was how to get to the bottom of a deep ocean. Until I couldn’t stand it anymore and had to go up to breathe.

Despite being antisocial, I have a lot of affection for the people I love and surround me.

The mind is hypocritical and selfish. So why would I not be antisocial?

Yes, I am antisocial. I choose the finger who enters my life and, for these people, I have a lot of love!

I don’t like everyone, I can’t pretend I like it and the less forced unwanted social interactions.

I am introvert and not antisocial. There is an abyss of difference between this.

What is the problem of society with introvert people who like to be alone? At least, they are not false!

It’s okay to be alone, it’s okay to prefer company itself than to go to parties. Don’t let society make you feel bad for being like this.

I hate empty conversations, I hate false people and, above all, hate forced and unnecessary social interactions.

I am antisocial and I do not treat anyone bad, unlike many people who say they are super sociable out there.

So if I prefer to stay home watching a movie going out for parties and ballads? The problem is just mine!

I’m antisocial and this is a totally mine problem, you have nothing to do with it.

I like people, I like to interact, but I have a very low limit to social encounters.

If an antisocial person says he likes you, believe me: she likes you a lot, even!

Humans are naturally social; civilization makes us antisocial.

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