40 40th anniversary messages and quotes to celebrate this new phase of life

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Time passes to everyone, and when you least expect it, the “then” phase comes. Known for being a period of maturity and renewal, the 40 years arouse a new perspective of life and, like every new cycle, this also deserves to be celebrated! Check out exciting 40th anniversary quotes and fondly congratulate that special person!

40th anniversary quotes full of affection and happiness votes

Happy 40th birthday! Respect your lived trajectory so far and get excited to everything you still have to live. Best wishes!

Today is a special day. It has been 4 decades that the most important person of my life has come to the world. Congratulations, honey, and thank you so much for letting me be part of your journey!

As a good wine, you are aging and getting better every day. Happy 40th birthday!

Congratulations! Celebrate this moment and cheerful your heart, because it’s been 40 years since you have been accumulating achievements of goals and dreams!

On this birthday, I wish you all the blessings that someone can receive. May God multiply your days and give you health and joy to live many more years. Congratulations for the 40!

Happy 40th birthday! The marks on your face demonstrate your boldness to live. Never lose it!

They say that life after 40 only improves, so enjoy this new phase with joy, health, peace and wisdom. May God enlighten your way. Happy Birthday!

You turn 40 and it’s my heart that is in celebration. What joy it is to celebrate this date by your side and see the amazing person you are closely. I’m grateful for being part of your journey! Congratulations!

Congratulations for another year of life! Be grateful for everything you have lived in the last 40 years and preserve your joy and youthful spirit to enjoy what is to come.

Never allow the setbacks of existence to steal their lightness and essence. Congratulations on your 40 years of life!

Happy Birthday! In 40 years of experience, you can prove the candy flavors of life, right? May the next few years be even more delicious and that you enjoy them with joy and health.

You are an angel of the Lord who has been spreading light and color to the world for 40 years without asking for anything in return. May He grant you all the desires of your heart.

I am enchanted by your way of leading life, your smile and the lightness of your spirit. You are special! Happy 40th birthday!

Congratulations for your 40 years! May you never move away from the presence of God and that he continues to pour out infinite blessings about your life.

See how much you have built so far … How many dreams have realized and how many more you have to conquer … Life is just starting! Happy 40 years!

Celebrating 40 years of life is a reason to thank and rejoice. Anime to enjoy everything you still have to live. Life only started. Congratulations!

The four decades of life come bringing beautiful transformations. Much health, peace, success, prosperity and joy in this new phase. Happy Birthday!

40 years ago the universe received the human being with the most kind heart in history! Honey, that your journey from here is even more amazing and filled with victories and dreams. Congratulations!

That the heavens doubled twice all the light and joy you have already emanated and continues to emanate to the world. Happy 40th birthday!

Welcome the house of the “then”. Do not notice the mess, just enjoy the journey on the joy train and enjoy every second of life with much love. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! By my accounts, the 40 are 20 in double, so enjoy your youth further!

Congratulations on your birthday! May your beautiful smile continue to radiate light for another 40 years.

Happy 40 years! Admire the path that brought you here and celebrates your harvests. Life still has a lot to be lived!

Your 40s made you expert to be amazing. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations! You have arrived in a phase of important maturation, because it is from this point that life really begins. Enjoy the 40!

Receive this new phase of life with great joy, because it is the best. Long live the 40! Happy Birthday!

The 40 years shows us an incredible overview of our entire journey. Watch this with pride and preserve youth in your heart. Congratulations on your day!

Seriously, surviving 4 decades in this crazy world and still maintaining sanity is for the few. Celebrate the life! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations for your 40 years! Know that I admire you so much and that you are an example for my life. I wish you all the best today and always. Cheers!

On this special day, I joyfully celebrate the 40th anniversary of an extraordinary person. Congratulations, beloved! May your days be as amazing as you are for me.

The 40 -year -old is to make you remember how strong and resilient you have been here and how precious the days are. Enjoy life! Happy Birthday!

Congratulations for the 40 years! May the Lord God reach you with grace and mercy and may you be infinitely happy today and always.

I wish your 40 years renew your energies and transform your living. Give yourself to this journey and live the best of existence. Congratulations on your day!

Congratulations on your day! The arrival of the 40s carries countless new opportunities to be happy. Enjoy!

How good it is to watch who we love to celebrate another year. Congratulations on your 40 years! That from now on your life is taken only by victories!

May time keep your body and may your heart keep your young spirit. Best wishes! Congratulations for your 40 years!

40 years do not make you old, make you experienced to discern what are the most valuable and important things in life. Happy Birthday!

Congratulations on another birthday! The learning accumulated over the past 40 years honor their days and even more their achievements. All the best in your life!

Living 14610 Days presented you with many opportunities, and today offers you one more: to be happy. Preserve gratitude and put your plans on God. The best is yet to come. Congratulations!

That calls you joy never delete in your heart and may God give you many more years. Happy 40 years of life!

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