40 1Kilo messages and quotes to know the sound of this rap group

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If you enjoy rap, you have certainly heard some music from this band that has become successful in recent years! 1Kilo is a Brazilian rap collective that produces independent music, taking as influence from samba to classical music.

The collective also constitutes a producer that began with the passion of the members for music, leading to various partnerships with other Brazilian musicians. Their songs mostly deal with love and other reflections.

Have you ever stopped to hear the playlist of this amazing people? This selection of 1Kilo messages and quotes will inspire you to play and no longer want to take your headphones anymore, check it out!

1Kilo messages and quotes that will make you fall in love

We fight too silly. We Pira, the time becomes too silly.

Travel is long, so make the suitcase. In the most positive vibe, in the pique mandala.

Short life and chance is unique, to make a difference or be one more.

Life without answers and you to make me smile.

I redo myself in a thousand pieces to see you smile.

Embrace me that today you are going to sleep away from everything that hurts you.

Our love is free and will protect me from what it is.

We already put hope in those who are not worth faith. We were lost, looking for love in bars, we find surface and detachment for thousands.

Who caused being aggressive, received the same reaction.

Beautiful, tell me: Why when you act can make me sad or happy?

and two replays of your life is not a third of my childhood.

In the land of mercenary, if you win those who pay the highest price.

Love is a banner of peace.

If not now, I wait for you out there, so let me go.

loose my hand, which I know you come back. Time shows our direction.

One day I find you on these laps.

verse my universe, I ask you to understand my world, mine.

Life is short to cry for ex, I told myself as I cried again.

I’m alive and I want to live, teach and learn.

ei, love, I’m with you regardless of Cao. You know where you go, I’ll go, it’s time for us to meet.

This chat that: “If you didn’t exist I would invent you” is so cliché, but it goes so well when it comes to you.

I hope to find you beyond here, in other lives.

is that I am from the world, in my life I send, you met me I was no longer holy.

We will be the bandits in the richest life.

Why waste more time with the past?

This mine calms me more than chamomile. More damn than Ludmilla, aphrodite with tequila. Want her? Enter the line!

May it be eternal as long as I last, and I am hard the same concrete. And she wants me to hard as concrete and to swear eternal love.

Who does not live, dies! Feel the peace that a new day brought.

I am more than price, value. There are things that money does not pay.

Come with me, love! I have a world to show you.

She came like this: willing to accept my proposal without thinking about the end.

So, it tells me: What happens to our relationship? Do you come with me or not?

It’s not strength, it’s way! The secret is breathing.

Beautiful, it can come that it is safe! If you fall I hold you.

They are so weak, do not do what I do.

speaks, speaks, speaks a lot and does not do. Try, knowing that it is not capable.

But if time is short, I enjoy everything even in the way.

My time is small, but I live the moment as if there was no tomorrow.

There are no currents that can stay my feet on the floor.

My path has more thorns than the naked rose itself.

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