37 EMICIDA messages and quotes that will impact you and inspire positively

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Leandro Roque de Oliveira, better known by the stage name Emicida, is a Brazilian rapper, singer and composer. At 33, it is recognized as one of the biggest names in national rap of the 2000s.

The origin of its stage name causes a lot of curiosity. Emicida is a junction of the words “MC” and “homicidal” as he was known to kill the opponents with his rhymes in the battles. The name, according to the singer, is also an acronym for “while my imagination compose insanities dominates art.”

Known for the lyrics of your songs, we have selected a series of messages and quotes from Emicida to get inspired. Check it out!

EmiCida messages and quotes full of truth and meaning

Each day is a chance to be better than yesterday.

clarity in the idea; purity in the heart; Feeling as a guide; Honesty as religion.

The same money that buys sex, kills love. Brings happiness, also calls the grudge.

The secret of world peace is each to take care of your life.

You asked, there was no time to deliver, I learned that in life it can anything but wait.

I don’t want to do what I can, I can do what I want.

While seeking the meaning of life, I live her.

Love has a bouncing way to leave, leave as if I was going there.

Since the king will not become humble, I will make the humble become king.

Lose me, find me with every wind that blows.

courage and humility are my weapons in battle, in search of happiness or something that is worth it.

Violent is love, the rest is just evil.

Then it lives every moment as the end. Tomorrow is late for us, think about it, in morals.

distance, friend, not several square kilometers. How many times are you distant, even being on the side?

Again the hope in the backpack I put it, how long we still have to realize our dreams.

I can’t stand the lack of your smell in my air.

When the paths get confused, it is necessary to go back to the beginning.

Sometimes it is hard to believe, there is no word that can comfort, there is no chest that can hold. I see it as if it were a roll and out of nowhere you were going back.

brother, do you have a dream? And what keeps you from believing that you are really the size of your dream?

Your mouth makes me smile.

The best really go. The earth is not a place for those who have kindness in the heart.

says you didn’t cry when you saw me and if I say I’ll be back you don’t count the time.

values ​​the arrival, the departure, the return and the trip. Scratches, beats, each day is a life.

We just stop saying that we have nothing when we see that we can lose everything.

This I don’t know, I just know that what is mine is mine, it’s here and God who gave.

If rap surrenders, what will it have? If the general weakening, what will be what?

I’m not from here, I don’t feel an integral part of the work, I see myself as a stranger in a snake nest.

I’ll get what I have good and keep it for those who deserve it.

In the middle of the Dream, in vain I try to show the guys, the only thing we have is time.

A wise said you should buy rice and flowers. Rice to live and flowers to have for what to live.

If I fall, it will be rhyming; If I get up, it will be rhyming; In charge, never the command of anyone.

I’m with the patience of those who join can, focused on what I have, not what I will have or had.

and those who don’t want money, bro, it’s because you’ve never seen the belly snore higher than one I love you.

Amazingly, we get less and get used to, no matter how much it happens.

But today you will have to pretend that black is your favorite color.

Society is at a level that each is so much that the other darn, and no one can hear the truth, because I may be telling it here, but in the end, who doesn’t know?!

I’m not a crutch for worms, so I follow alone.

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