35 Tumblr Carnival messages and quotes that express the joy of this date

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The face of Brazil, Carnival is a very lively celebration that happens forty days before Easter. Full of revelry, colors and a lot of joy, it is a perfect date to put the problems aside and enjoy the best part of life. Already in the mood with these messages and quotes of carnival tumblr full of happiness!

Carnival messages and quotes Tumblr full of revelry and good vibrations

Carnival coming, my bed that waits for me!

Those who always see me distant, guarantees that I don’t know how to sambar. I’m keeping me when Carnival arrives.

I live in a tropical country, blessed by God and beautiful by nature, but what a beauty! In February, there is Carnival.

In this carnival, the only fantasy I will wear will be my pajamas.

There are a lot of people who don’t even have to worry about masks in this carnival.

I’m going to play. The whole year in this carnival. I’m going to get in this mess and don’t get me wrong.

doesn’t even come with carnival, I’m Gothic!

I will paint a more beautiful place to make my festival when Carnival passes, when Carnival passes. Let’s dance, anything is better than sadness, please.

Want to CISCAR in my backyard, this couple chat only after Carnival.

After Carnival, I take it a way … I promise!

Makes sadness confetti, throws the air and let the wind take.

I even have control of the situation, but it’s out of stack, because it’s carnival.

In this carnival, not even GPS finds me!

pleasure, I’m your carnival love.

I will love you from March to January, because February is Carnival.

What happens at Carnival is at Carnival.

Carnival is only once a year, but you can always shine.

Carnival for what if I spend all year samba in the face of enemies?

May the joy of Carnival last all year long!

or carnival ends, or it ends with me.

Let sadness sleep at home, my love! After all, it’s carnival!

carnival and that’s that thing, right: no one is from anyone.

jumping carnival to forget the slips that are so accumulating at home.

Even at carnival I’m gothic, after all you need to keep the aesthetic all year, right?

This year, the carnival block will be at home, with a lot of popcorn and netflix.

There is no better time than Carnival: several days of revelry with a lot of good music, glitter and joy!

Let’s be happy in this carnival! The work and headaches we leave for the other days of the year.

In this carnival, it is always good to remember the obvious: not!

In this carnival I only get home on the gray day!

For me, there is no bad time at Carnival: call me for any party, for any block, any roll that I’m going!

Block “Me and my various slips to pay”.

Life is not easy, but in this carnival I’m!

I can’t wait to put my best fantasy and jump carnival with my friends. After all, I hope all year for this moment.

I am totally in favor of mending Carnival to Christmas!

Want a tip? Forget the problems of life and come jump carnival!

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