35 sad messages and quotes in English for when beating that bad

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There are times when we feel sad, helpless and cannot see the answers to the questions of our lives. When this happens, it is important to express everything you are feeling so that nothing is stored. Do not let the non-two words suffocate you and use one of our sad messages and quotes in English when your heart is suffering. Check it out and vent!

Sad messages and quotes in English to express deep pain

My Heart is Overflowing with Deep Sadness. (My heart is overflowing a deep sadness)

I Don’t know what to do with the sadness I’m Feeling. Where’s the Happiness? (I don’t know what to do with this sadness I’m feeling. Where is happiness?)

Disappointment Hurts Deep Within The Soul. (Disappointment hurts in the back of the soul)

Outside I’m Smiling, But My Heart is Full of Sadness and Entreprenence. (On the outside I’m smiling, but my heart is full of sadness and discouragement)

I Feel Lonely, I Feel Sad, i in the long See SEENS IN ANYTHING I DO. I Just Want this pain to go away. (I feel alone, I feel sad, I see no more sense in anything I do. I just want this pain to pass)

I Don’t Know Why this Sadness has Made Home In My Heart. I Want to Smile Again! (I don’t know why this sadness made home in my heart. I want to smile again!)

it’s hard to rise when you heart is broken. (It is difficult to rise when the heart is shattered)

Nothing Hurts More That Discoving That Love Was Just an Illusion. (Nothing hurts more than discovering that love was just an illusion)

My Heart is Crying for Not Having You by My Side. (My heart is crying for not having you by my side)

i live with my sadness and pretend that everything is fine. (I live with my sadness and pretend that everything is fine)

My Smile Hid and Gave Way to Sadness. (My smile hid and gave way to sadness)

Every Day I Ask God to Take This Pain Out of My Heart. (Every day I ask God to take this pain out of my heart)

IT’s Sad Not To Love, But it’s Much Sadder Not to Be Able To Love. (It’s sad not to love, but it’s much sadder not to love)

it hurts when you do you are. (It hurts when you realize it’s not as important to someone as you thought it was)

yes, I’m Changed. Pain Does that to People. (Yes, I changed. Pain does this to people)

Million People I Still Feel All Alone. (One million people, and I still feel alone)

you can look into my eyes and pretend all you want, but i know your love is just a lie. (You can look into my eyes and pretend whatever you want, but I know your love is just a lie)

i’d rather hurt than Feel nothing at all. (I prefer to feel pain of what not to feel anything)

Everytime I Try to fly I fall withth my Wings, I Feel So Small. I Guess I Need You, Baby. (Every time I try to fly I fall without my wings, I feel so small. I think I need you, love).

This World Can Hurt You, It Cuts You Deep and Leaves A Scar. Things Fall Apart, But Nothing Breaks Like a Heart. (This world can hurt you, cut you deeply and leave a scar. Things crumble, but nothing breaks like a heart)

Everybody Cries and Everybody Hurts Sometimes. (Everyone cries and everyone gets hurt sometimes)

I’m Here Without You, Baby, But You’re Still on My Lonely Mind. (I’m here without you, love, but you’re still in my lonely mind)

I’m Sick of Love Songs, So Tired of Tears. So Done with Wishing You Were Still Here. (I’m so full of love songs, so tired of tears. So tired of the desire that you were here)

Nobody Said it was easy at One Ever Said it Would be this hard. (No one said it would be easy, but they didn’t say it would be so difficult)

I’m Broken When I’m Lonesome and I Don’t Feel Right When You’re Gone Away. (I’m broken when I’m alone and I don’t feel good when you leave)

i can be Believe you let me down. (I can’t believe you disappointed me)

i hope you’re doing fine out the there with me, beause I’m not doing so good Without you. (I hope you are doing well out there without me, because I’m not doing so well without you)

Bad Girl Drunk by Six, Kissing Someone Else’s Lips. Smoked Too Many Cigarettes Today, I’m Not Happy When I Act This Way. (Bad girl, drunk at six, kissing someone else’s lips. I smoked too much cigarettes today, I’m not happy when I act like this).

I Gave You My Love To Borrow, But You Just Gave It Away. (I lent you all my love, but you threw it away)

I NEVER THOUGHT WE’D HAVE A LAST KISS. I Never Imagined We’d End like this. (I never thought we would have one last kiss. I never imagined we would end this)

How I Wish You Were Here. (How I wanted you to be here)

there’ll be no Sunlight if i lose you, baby. There’ll be no Clear Skies if I Lose You, Baby. (There will be no sunlight if I lose you, love. There will be no clear heaven if I lose you, love)

i love you more than you love me. (I love you more than you love me)

People Say I’m Not Ok, ‘Cause I Love Such Elementary Things. It’s ben my Fate to compensate for the Childhood I’ve Never Known. (People say I’m not well, because I love such fundamental things. It has been my destiny to try to compensate for the childhood I never knew).

you told me you love me, just why you go away? (You said you loved me, so why did you leave?)

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