35 messages and quotes of return to work to say goodbye to holidays

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The holidays are over and the time has come to return to work. How do you feel right now? Are you happy to have come back or do you think you still needed to rest any more? In any case, we prepare messages and quotes for all situations. So, check out return messages and quotes and share how you feel right now!

Return to work messages and quotes to start this cycle with the right foot

The holidays are over, now is to focus on work!

I was born beautiful, but not rich. Back to work, because the holidays and the cake are over!

I wish a great return to work. That their strengths are nourished and renewed creativity. It will be a great year!

After the deserved rest, the time has come to do my best!

I hope for the success of the whole team in this return to work. May the rest period have been invigorating to everyone!

The work saves us from three great evils: boredom, addiction and necessity. Time to work!

Good morning! Back to work with strength, focus and determination after the deserved holidays.

Work remains the best way to achieve the goals. Great return to all!

I am not psychologically prepared to see the holidays ending and returning to work.

Everything that is good lasts short, the holidays are over. Time to work!

In this return to work, seek to be like a clock: keep moving!

The more you work, the more luck you have.

Cabeo is over, back to work!

The holidays are over and I’m already counting down for the next. But for now: work!

Holidays, for so much hurry? I can’t believe it soon begins all over again.

You need to rest, breathe and make room for new ideas. Now I’m ready to go back to work!

The worst part of the vacation is when they end. Back to work!

Responsibilities and chores are just roads that lead to success. Good return to work!

and let’s beat discouragement this Monday to return to work!

That this return to work is productive, light and made with the heart.

tiredness is over and it’s good that the routine returned to normal. Great return to work!

that your vacation have been profitable and the return to work is light.

Smile! It will be a beautiful return to work.

May God bless this return to work. May we find motivation and strength even on the most difficult days.

Dreaming during the holidays is good, but getting back to work and fighting to win it is even better!

When work is good and people pleasant, it is great to return to work. May it be a great return for the entire team!

Good morning, what a happy day! How good to be able to go back to work after a invigorating period of rest.

Happy to return to work, after all it is that the roads that lead to success come out.

is a productive year for the entire team. I wish a great return on work!

Success comes when we find the balance between rest and hard work. That after this vacation we can be very productive!

It’s good to have a job to come back, because I know every effort will be rewarded.

After vacation it is easier to dedicate yourself and make the job flow. Great return!

Dear colleagues, I wish we have a productive year, with solutions and animation!

Since luck does not exist, the way is to return to work and battle towards success.

Nothing as a rest period to relax your mind and do work again with all your heart!

Back to work after the holidays can be both invigorating and challenging. In any case, check out motivation messages and quotes at work to give that gas on your return!

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