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Born on March 5, 1871, this Polish-German Marxist philosopher is recognized worldwide for his struggle in favor of communism and feminism. Their intellectual contributions, reflective on Marxism and its considerations about socialism reverberate today in society. To honor your political brilliance and courage, we have selected these striking messages and quotes of Rosa Luxembourg. Come check it out!

Pink messages and quotes Luxembourg to understand the brilliance of their philosophies

There is a whole old world yet to destroy and a whole new world to build. But we will do, young friends, right?

Every legal constitution is the product of a revolution.

We must not forget that the story is not made without greatness of mind, without high morals, without noble gestures.

Peace is the world revolution of the proletariat.

Without general elections, without a freedom of the press and a freedom of unlimited meeting, without a struggle of free opinions, vegeta and withered in all public institutions, and bureaucracy becomes the only active element. P>

The whole force of the modern workers’ movement rests on scientific knowledge.

Masses are the decisive element, they are the pillar on which the final victory of the revolution will be built.

The most revolutionary thing you can do is always proclaim aloud what is happening.

If democracy has become superfluous or annoying for the bourgeoisie, on the contrary, it is necessary and indispensable for the working class.

Who does not move, do not feel the currents that hold it.

You have to transform a world. But every tear that runs where it could have been avoided is an accusation; And it is a criminal who, with brutal unconsciousness, crushes a poor worm.

Who honestly desires world peace and liberation from the tremendous burden of weapons must also desire socialism. Only then does the true social clarification

Only the experience is able to correct and open new paths.

Human Being means throwing all your life in the balance of fate when necessary, all the time rejoicing each day of sunshine and every beautiful cloud.

The justice of the bourgeois classes was again as a network that allowed voracious sharks to escape, imprisoning only small sardines.

For a world where we are socially equal, humanly different and totally free.

Capital is a historical need, but also its gravedigger, the socialist proletariat.

Without the collapse of capitalism, the expropriation of the capitalist class is impossible.

Marxism is a revolutionary worldview that should always fight for new revelations.

In the middle of darkness, I smile at life, as if you know the magic formula that transforms evil and sadness into clarity and happiness.

embarrassed, dishonored, vade in blood and dripping dirt, so is the capitalist society.

We are not lost. On the contrary, we will win if we have not unlearned to learn.

Who waives the struggle for socialism also waives the mobilization of workers and democracy.

Tomorrow the revolution ‘will get up again, hitting your weapons,’ and for her horror she will proclaim with trumpets sounding: I was, I am, I will be!

As a motor of capitalist development, militarism has become a capitalist disease.

It takes interior self-discipline, intellectual maturity, moral seriousness, sense of dignity and responsibility, a whole inner rebirth of the proletarian. With lazy, light, selfish, unmistrable and indifferent men with socialism cannot be realized.

Historically, the mistakes made by a truly revolutionary movement are infinitely more fruitful than the infallibility of the smartest central committee.

Socialism in life requires a complete spiritual transformation in the masses degraded by centuries of bourgeois rule.

Freedom is always and exclusively freedom for those who think differently.

Democracy is indispensable for the working class, because only through the exercise of their democratic rights, in the struggle for democracy, can the proletariat become aware of their class interests and their historical task.

Mass is not just the object of revolutionary action; It is above all subject.

Leadership failed. Even so, leadership can and should be recreated from the masses and outside the masses.

Who is feminist and not leftist, lacks strategy. Who is left and not feminist, lacks depth.

I am looking for a reason for this joy, I don’t think and I can’t help laughing at myself. I believe that life itself is the only secret.

If “freedom” becomes “privilege”, the essence of political freedom will be broken.

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