35 messages and quotes for Stay that will help declare your feelings

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Meeting a special person and staying with her without worry is very good. It’s a moment for both to know each other and feel if a connection really rolls. But when you want more than one simple, how to express feelings? So we have made a selection of sentences for a stay that will help you declare everything you are feeling. Check it out!

messages and quotes for Stay that are perfect to say what you feel

I want more than a simple stay, I want a whole life by your side!

We were just being and now we become lovers forever.

I want to change phase, live something new and embrace this feeling that we are building.

With you I forget the world, I forget the hours and the worries. By your side I feel alone.

It is so good to be able to meet you, spend time by your side and live this intense passion.

Sometimes I can’t express my feelings, but I really want you, really. With you by my side, everything makes sense.

Let’s spend more time together? Preferably all your life!

It’s over time for our “bid” to become a “for real”.

Let’s take our love, scream for the world to hear that we are together. We no longer need to hide!

You arrived by surprise and went softly to my life.

Why spoil what is good? Let’s let it flow, see how far it will give …

We started with a simple conversation and today we live a beautiful passion.

Not to be doubtful, I advance you: Every kiss that I send you is in the mouth.

I don’t know how long you will be here, but the little time we spent together has made my days a happier song.

I want to see you showing that you care. I want you to hold my arm when I threaten to leave, to look at my eye and say that you are afraid of losing me.

We together are very good!

Ah, if you knew how many times I read and reread our conversations …

I like you, but with or without you follow the ball.

I only knew what love was when I met you.

With you everything seems right, everything fits, everything makes sense. You brought light to my days!

Your kiss takes my breath and your hug brings me tranquility.

I’m starting to think you are the love of my life …

I love you and I will scream for everyone to hear!

I like you and want to live by your side, but you can’t see. What can I do to understand my feelings?

If I ever lose you, I know I will find you in my dreams.

You are the reason for my daily laughs. I love to be with you!

Even with this heat I wanted to be glued to you.

Do you know what would look good on you? Me!

There is not even a day when I don’t wake up thinking of you. And do you want to know? There is no better thought!

After you arrived, I never looked at anyone again. It’s you I want, it’s for you that I hope.

For you I hope how much it takes, because I know that when we are together, everything will be worth it!

Our bid is cool and fun, but I’m not ready for something serious yet.

It seems that our mouths were made to each other.

Forget who hurt you in the past, I’m here for you and I will never hurt you!

With you I feel good, I feel free, I feel alone. I’m very happy to have you by my side!

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