35 messages and quotes for granddaughter that will pamper your little girl

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say grandparents spoil their grandchildren, but this is a big lie. Love does not spoil, it strengthens, fills and creates eternal ties. Having the laughter of a little girl echoing around the house is sun that warms and illuminates. We have selected loving granddaughter quotes, full of tenderness, which will sweeten the day of the most important little girl in your life. Check it out!

Quotes for granddaughter who celebrate a sweet relationship of eternal love

When you were born, a new light shone in my life. Netinha dear, you are an enlightened little angel. I love you so much!

May God bless you, my granddaughter. May you continue to grow with a lot of health, love in the heart and kindness. May all your dreams come true.

Being a grandmother is the most beautiful experience in life. My granddaughter, you fill my days with your joy. My love for you has no dimension, it is infinite and unconditional.

My dear granddaughter, you are the most beautiful gift life gave me. I love you so much that my heart even overflows with happiness.

I thank God for giving me the most beautiful gift of life: a charming granddaughter. May the angels of the Lord continue to protect you and bless you.

Not even in my dreams, I could imagine that full happiness is real, but you, my granddaughter, every day fills me with joy and completes me.

I’m the most owl grandpa in the world! When you smile, my heart melts with love. It is so beautiful to share life with you, my beloved granddaughter.

Dear Netinha, you are amazing. I want to walk by your side, teach you never give up on dreams and hold your hand when you are scared.

My granddaughter, I’m completely in love with you. This owl grandpa is able to do the possible and the impossible just to see you smiling.

Dear granddaughter, I am always thinking of you and, in my prayers, I ask God to take care and bless your life. My heart is all yours!

My house is only complete if your laugh is echoing by the rooms. Dear granddaughter, nothing makes me happier than spending time by your side.

God chose the most perfect joy of joy and sent to the world to be my granddaughter. You are my greatest pride and the reason for my happiness.

I confess: I am a soft -heart grandma. My granddaughter is the most precious treasure in the world, a gift that God gave me.

Dear granddaughter, your laugh is the sweetest song for my ears. Its existence is like rainbows that color my days. For you, all my love.

When I’m with you, my heart is in celebration. You are my joy and my fortress. Dear granddaughter, my lap is only yours, whenever you need affection, I’ll be here.

My lovely granddaughter, you fill me with strength to keep living. I want to see you growing and shining in the world. God bless you.

You grew up and turned into a beautiful, intelligent and strong woman, but you will always be the little princess of Grandpa. I love you so much, my granddaughter.

My beloved granddaughter, you are a part of me that pulsates in the world. I live to make you happy. May all heavenly blessings overflow in your life.

You are my greatest wealth, the most beautiful flower that perfumes the garden of my existence. Dear granddaughter, I will love you forever.

My little brilliant little star, by your side, life is much more beautiful. Know that Grandma will always have sweets, affection and much love to offer you.

If life is a book we write day after day, you are the most beautiful chapter of my existence, dear granddaughter. My love for you goes beyond all the words.

God gives me the gift of living the most beautiful experience of love. My granddaughter is a divine gift that brings light, peace and immensity to my life.

Our relationship is a bond of soul, blood and heart. My beloved granddaughter, there is no greater happiness than to keep up with your growth. I love you.

Dear granddaughter, when God drew you, He made you the exact size of my heart. You are the perfect fit that was missing for my life to be complete.

My granddaughter, you are the little angel who makes me live in paradise. Your smile is the best medicine for all my problems.

I thought the grandparents were superheroes for their granddaughters, but I found that my granddaughter is the great heroine of my life. She has the power to make me happy.

In the garden of life, my granddaughter, you are a little flower that I want to take care and protect to see you growing full of health, happiness and perfume.

Dear granddaughter, every day, I ask God to guide your steps, take care of your heart and fill you with joy. Many blessings for your life.

My favorite place is in the hug of my granddaughter. When I am with her, there is no sadness that resists, the love that unites us fills me with joy.

There was a void in my heart, but when you were born, my granddaughter, I knew this was a special little place for you, and then my life was complete.

When you were born, I also reborn. My granddaughter, you are the healing of my sadness, the joy of my days and the sweetest love that surrounds me.

My granddaughter, you are a memory recorded in my heart. I can forget even my name, but I will never forget your smile, your perfume and the brightness of your gaze.

Bondeosa God, protect my granddaughter from the dangers of the world and pour the heavenly blessings about his life. Sir, give me a lot of health so I can see my little girl growing up.

My granddaughter, you are my greatest pride. May all the joy of the world fill your heart. You will have a bright future and I will be by your side to celebrate.

Dear granddaughter, be sure, in the heart of Grandpa and Grandma there is love in abundance. You are ray of light in our life.

Your granddaughter will melt with love with this explosion of affection! Check out the quotes of grandma owl and continue to pamper your little princess with a lot of sweetness.