35 messages and quotes by Eduardo Marinho who expresses his lifestyle

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Eduardo Marinho is a Brazilian artist, philosopher and activist who has abandoned a comfortable middle class life to seek answers to his questions. It criticizes the concentration of income, excesses and what is real happiness. To dive into your reflections, check out Eduardo Marinho’s best messages and quotes and rethink your life and attitudes!

Eduardo Marinho messages and quotes that make us think about what we have

“Good girls” go to the sky. Insubmissions go where they want.

Intuition exceeds logical.

because they have so much, so many have so little.

crazy people open ways that will later be traveled by the wise.

Worse than oppression is submission.

Because they have so much so much that they have so little.

Observe and absorb.

Real values ​​are not material, they are abstract. Want a more important thing in a person’s life than affections?

There is no better being than the other. There are better attitudes than attitudes, better ideas than ideas, but better people than people, no.

denying divinity is as naive as explaining divinity.

Freedom is risk. Security is prison.

If heritage were the meaning of life. Who had heritage did not die. However, it dies and everything is there.

Human preciousness reveals itself in the eyes, values, thoughts, feelings, character.

I found it embarrassing to have more than you need to be so much misery!

Human preciousness reveals itself in the eyes, values, thoughts, feelings, character.

Recognizing your own failures helps to forgive alien failures.

If you have more than you need, you are at risk.

I realized that the needs we have are not the main materials, they are the immaterial.

In this competitive society, my defeat is my victory.

Win in life? What fucking to win in life, my brother? I won a huge peace when I said, “I don’t want to win in my life, I want to live.” This idea of ​​winning in life is hell. Put my brothers like my opponents, my enemies. I don’t accept this.

Criminalizing victims is the oldest strategy in the world.

Who comes to the bottom of the well needs to remember that the background is the best place of the well to take impulse.

Many look, few want to see. Many speak, few have something to say. Many listen, few are willing to understand. Many observe, few are able to absorb.

Art It is a function, decoration artist, is a flawed artist, a futile, empty artist, he has sensitivity, but does not look to the world around.

If you seek to be happy to live, you are already being revolutionary.

My poverty is my wealth.

What you think about you do not transform you what you think.

The spirituality of a person, in my view, is in everyday conduct.

Most have nothing and live quietly!

How do I look around and the wealthy class is afraid of losing everything?

What a winner, that nothing. I’m not here to compete.

In the asphalt has a lot of knowledge, in communities there is a lot of wisdom.

The university teaches theories, the periphery teaches experience.

Criminalizing victims is the oldest strategy in the world.

I can’t want to change the world, but I have to put myself before the world I see.

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