35 messages and quotes about social isolation that will help you pass through it

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Quarantine is the way found to combat coronavirus. However, being locked at home moves our emotional health. Solitude invades and we often need a hug. So check out the most welcoming social isolation messages and quotes that will invigorate your strength for you to continue doing your part and share empathy with those who are living the same!

messages and quotes on relaxed, welcoming and positive social isolation

We live social isolation, but the action is collective! So that we can get cluster again, the time has come for each other to do their part. Be conscious and stay at home!

Freedom is the possibility of isolation. If it is impossible to live alone, you were born slave.

Social isolation is very important to prevent the spread of the virus. However, we do not need to be alone! This is the time to unite forces, even far away. May the collective spirit be always present!

Social isolation is a great opportunity for you to approach your inner self. Read a book, listen to music, maintain a healthy diet and practice exercise. Take care of your well-being!

In the heart of the dream, I am alone. I am in the perfect isolation of the creature before the world.

Social isolation brought proof that there is nothing more satisfactory than being on a table of friends. I miss the crowd and go out on the street without a mask and without fear of being contaminated.

At this time of pandemic, social isolation is the best hug we can offer to the people we love. Even away, always be present.

Life will never be the same after this long period of social isolation. When the agglomeration is no longer a risk, I swear I will take every moment to be surrounded by dear people.

At this point, my social isolation is a way of providing solidarity with the world. Dear friends, keep your heart alone, stay united and soon this phase will pass.

There are days when social isolation goes crazy, I want to open the gate and run down the street. Oh I miss a cluster! Let’s respect the quarantine so we can gather again!

There is a penalty always linked to the things we want most. Is isolation.

Your social isolation helps to preserve the life of the one we love! We need to take a break from our face -to -face meetings, but we can remain united. Together we are stronger. All in the fighting of the pandemic!

I miss so much to hit the street, which even to take the trash I put on makeup and put my best clothes. This social isolation is making me crazy!

The worst part of social isolation is to stay away from your family. I’m missing a Sunday lunch, with the house full of people and joy. When the quarantine is over, I want to embrace the world.

loneliness is to be alone; The isolamen chess is to find itself only in the world when it is alone.

Social isolation taught me the value of a hug, the power of face -to -face conversation, eye to eye. I miss human contact, but I know that tomorrow depends on today. Stay at home, please!

What is the difficulty of people in understanding the importance of social isolation? The market is hotter than store on settlement day. Stay at home! The situation is serious, my friends.

For days of social isolation, a portion of love, mixed with good doses of patience and a lot of strength. We are isolated, however, we are not alone. The future depends on our union and our responsibility.

Social isolation has proved that only individual actions in view of the collectivity can change the future. That we are all united in combating coronavirus. May unity and love prevail.

No matter how distance separates us, if there is a sky that unites us.

I would like to congratulate all those who are part of my life. With social isolation, I realized that I am extremely ranked and implicant. Honestly, I can’t stand with me anymore!

The positive side of social isolation is that now I no longer need to make excuses not to go to the rollers. The negative side is that now I really want to go to one of those rollers that refused me.

I was not made to live in social isolation, I’m already talking to the walls and putting name in all the objects of the house. I want my friends, I miss a bar table.

I hope that, after social isolation, people begin to value the hugs more. May individualism be broken and the collectivity prevails. I hope love will make it out and make ourselves more human.

If you are in social isolation and belongs to the risk framework, you can count on my help. You are not alone. I care about your life. United we will go through this terrible phase.

The world is a prison in which the isolation cell is preferable.

The problem with working at home is that the bed is shouting my name, the refrigerator insists on remembering that there is a lot of food waiting for me and even a mosquito takes my concentration.

Family, you are what I have most important in my life. Therefore, I choose to respect social isolation. Even from afar, know that my love is immense and my longing is giant.

Social isolation increases physical distance, but does not decrease the importance. Keep in touch with people who do you good. Virtually, be presence in the lives of your friends and family members.

In each individual, increased inclination for isolation and loneliness will occur in accordance with its intellectual value.

After this quarantine, I will never say that I hate going to school. I miss reviewing my friends and even bringing a face -to -face scolding from teachers.

Social isolation is making me so needy that I answer even the calls of mobile operators and when the seller asks me how I am, I tell me my whole to him.

A day of quarantine looks like it lasts a whole year! I can’t stand it in the house anymore, cleaning and gel alcohol all the time. Respect isolation, because I want to go back to the street soon!

Before the quarantine, I wanted to kill class to stay at home sleeping. Now, I want to kill isolation to go to school to review my friends. I never imagined that I would miss you so much to study!

The importance of social isolation in containing a pandemic: the one who walked away saved the others.

Social isolation is not easy for anyone. It is very important that you take care of your health and live moments of peace. So check out the meditation messages and quotes that will help you maintain your balance during quarantine.

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