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This selection of Marcelo Falcão messages and quotes are perfect for you to know a little more about this composer. Also singer of the Brazilian band “O Rappa”, he has recorded successful albums since 1994. The excerpts of the songs involve messages of love, pain, struggle and happiness. Some of them certainly fits some chapter in their history. Check it out!

Marcelo Falcão’s messages and quotes proving that he is much more than a symbol of reggae

When you look at me, you will understand that my love has always been yours.

I know they will try to destroy me, but I will rebuild. Back stronger than before.

Today I woke up and decided to forget about the yore. Open the heart and all doors.

I go to where the instinct guide me.

My voice sounding next to yours, a lighter heart than the air.

and see you sleeping, money in the world does not pay.

For God’s sake, give me quiet to love.

parallel path, dodging the royal trap. Overcoming invisible enemy, dodging evil.

In the battle always smiling, despite all the Brabas.

No matter the age, the city or the nation. Respect is inheritance of civilization.

Fight to win. I get up and grow up.

If I have to go through the bread that the devil kneaded, yes and dignity. But I won’t change who I am.

Until equal rights prevail for all without distinction of race, creed or color, there will be war.

It was here trying to understand. Why does human beings like power so much?

I will look and I know I will find someone better than you. I hope it is happy.

When I first saw you, your gaze hypnotized me for good. I even wonder what you did.

A special being of infinity appeared. Proving every day that love has won.

Everything was good, wonderful, intense. Glad to have someone who thinks as I think.

Come with me who is from the pesadão tram!

I only have time now and my priority. It’s just my sound vibe.

My thoughts would change the world.

Life goes by fast, live your moments. Everything is made to live in your time.

To live is to respect all the laws of affection. Living is better than dreaming.

Each with your prayer so that human beings in this life do not close our heart.

I go to the fight, that life is short.

A man with word is a man of truth is a basic requirement for personality.

Living the life I live. Sometimes with emotion, sometimes with danger.

We will continue to make melodies. Each with their perception, so that these people one day value respect, love and gratitude.

You can believe it, I’m going out and showing that I can be very happy.

Friday territory of joy.

ready for battle, head up always to follow.

I just wanted you here with me. Your hug is my best friend.

Living, it’s not easy. You have to have heart, disposition and and do it in your dreams.

The human being has courage and lives in fear. Chaos is being installed on ourselves.

Monsters exist, neuras exist. And everything is the people who create.

You can see that Falcão is also a success in his solo career. And to know some hits of your band, know these messages and quotes from O Rappa.

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