35 Lao-Tsé messages and quotes full of philosophy about the beauty of simplicity

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This important Chinese philosopher, whose name means “young wise”, aroused reflections on the simplest things in life. Teaching about calm, purity, unity and balance, the founder of “Taoism” valued for peace. To honor this great philosopher, we have selected Lao-Tsé’s most striking messages and quotes that will make you rethink about life and its complex simplicity. Come check it out!

Lao-Tsé messages and quotes that will inspire you to obtain peace and balance in life

The soul has no secret that behavior does not reveal.

Goodness in words creates confidence; Kindness in thought creates depth; Great kindness creates love.

The value of an act is judged for your opportunity.

The really cultured man is not ashamed to ask questions also to the least instructed.

In conducting human issues there is no better law than self -control.

Great accomplishments are possible when Importance is given to small beginnings.

The wise man does not teach with words, but with acts.

The wise man has no adamant concepts. Adapts to those of others.

the one who rises at the ends of the feet is not safe.

For this, the poet said, Who is illuminated inside seems dark in the eyes of the world.

If you can’t advance a inch, you go back a foot.

What dominates to others is strong; What is dominated to himself is powerful.

Pay evil with good, because love is victorious in attack and invulnerable in defense.

It is easy to erase the footprints; It is difficult, however, is walking without stepping the floor.

Elegant words are not sincere; Sincere words are not elegant.

The wise man can discover the world without crossing his door. See without looking, performs without acting.

The wise man does not be inheld. The more it gives to others, the more you have.

With the good, I’m good, but even with those who are not good I am good, because good is virtue.

One who has no confidence in others, cannot gain confidence.

The liberation of desire leads to inner peace.

use your light, but decrease your shine.

always measure what was done with what could be done.

different in life, men are similar in death.

To gain knowledge, add things every day. To gain wisdom, eliminate things every day.

Who knows your ignorance reveals the deepest wisdom. Who ignores your ignorance lives in the deepest illusion.

The reason why it is not easy for people to live in peace is that they know too much.

Nature is not benevolent, and it is with a certain indifference that is worth all for its ends.

The one who knows when he has a lot will not fall into ridicule. And the one who knows when to stop will not run dangers.

A long trip of a thousand miles begins with the movement of a foot.

Who knows others is wise; Who knows yourself is illuminated.

He who controls others can be strong, but the one who is dominated is even more powerful.

Knowing others is intelligence, knowing yourself is true wisdom.

The wise man does not display himself and see how he is noted. Renounce yourself and is never forgotten.

the one who judges everything easy, will find many difficulties.

The greater the number of laws, the greater the number of thieves.

Living requires reflections, for only through them can we evolve and become better. Nothing better than reflecting on life with philosophers about life, isn’t it?

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