35 k-pop messages and quotes to learn more about South Korean music

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fever among younger ones, K-pop is a South Korea musical style that dominates the world stops. With an unmistakable sound and visual identity, it is marked by several talented groups. In order to not be left out, we have separated a list of the main k-pop messages and quotes that will help you know more about this resounding success!

35 k-pop messages and quotes that every fan knows by color and sautéed

You make my heart burn when not here.

The reason I managed to survive hell was thanks to you.

An ocean without you is like a desert.

I don’t know what happened, where it all started to go wrong.

I thought we were going to be together forever, but why did we become a sad poem?

In the end, everything is momentary. Love is momentary.

After a sweet Hello, there is always a bitter goodbye.

We are like parallel lines. We look at the same place, but we are different. I have no one but you.

I can see my reflection in your eyes. I hope it is always as the day we know each other, like the flames that burn without sound. I hope you kiss me like it was the last time.

Why could I not show you the love that grew day and night?

You light a fire in my heart, so that my youth is on fire without regrets.

You and me together forever. Under the red sunset, you are by my side.

we are so different, but why do I feel so attracted?

Even if the bottom of the sandy ocean divides into two, even if someone shakes this world, never let go of my hand.

I planted a flower that cannot flourish in a dream that cannot become real.

With my few words, will I be able to comfort you?

I became a weak light, but I’m on my way to the stars.

You make me exist for myself. You are the only one in my world.

If it’s not too late, can we not stay together again?

I should have treated you better when I had you.

I just wanted to be able to sleep without thinking about tomorrow.

You look for me when everything has been forgotten and deleted.

Let’s fly again, don’t worry about tomorrow. Today I will load only you.

The tears I hid, the scars I received, you just didn’t give a damn.

I miss your smell that used to get involved.

I remember the false expectations you gave me. Even if I still think of you, I will forget you.

I hate you a lot for not answering me. I would like to know if you will miss me sometimes. I’m stuck in time, where there is not you.

I know you have thorns, but I want you, red pink.

You are so beautiful, I can’t take my eyes off you.

Every night, I look for you in the same dream. I want to stop, but I can’t escape him. When the moon rises, begins, the nights always repeat the same.

My true feelings are on a torn paper and they are getting clear about you.

Even if I try to avoid it, I can’t find a place to hide. I’m stuck for you, I can’t deny it.

No matter what happens, even when the sky is collapsing, I promise you that I will never leave you.

I hope you find someone better and be happy, but at the same time I hope you don’t forget me complement.

Our love is like an endless roller coaster. After all the ups and downs we had, now I have to let you go.

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