35 Godmother messages and quotes full of tenderness that show admiration

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The title of godmother is usually given to the female figure closest to the child’s parents. Under the responsibility of loving, taking care, educating and supporting the godson, she is considered as a second mother. The development of this fraternal bond is important and generates a genuine exchange of affection. Check out loving godmother messages and quotes and express your feelings for your guardian!

Bridesmaid messages and quotes that will thrill this caregiver angel

If my parents have trusted me to you, it is because they know the wonderful heart that you have. I love you, godmother!

my fairy godmother, that chosen toe and always knew how to give me all the love of the world, the right way, and with such affection that I could even swear that I am your daughter.

I am immensely grateful to God for having someone so special watching over me since I was in my mother’s belly. You were and always will be my second mother, godmother!

special person like her, there is no in the world, so I always thank God for the existence of my godmother.

love without measure, take care of yourself. This is what you have always done, acting more as angel than godmother. I thank the skies for sending you and naming you like my second mother.

I may not be your son of blood, but I am absolutely certain that I am a child of heart. Thank you for having the most cozy hug in the world!

godmother, my chest is filled with joy when we are together, because I can learn, vent and share the best things in life.

godmother, you have part in everything I am today, and the things I have achieved and learned throughout my life journey. None of this would be real without your incentive and love.

You always knew the true meanings of being a godmother. He played the best role of all, always with a lot of love, dedication, affection and understanding. I am immensely grateful for your life, godmother!

It may be that in life there are no enchanted princes, but I can say with full certainty that I have a fairy godmother!

It is with you that I can share my secrets, ask for advice, vent when I need … on your lap, I find comfort and in your hug I feel love. I love you, godmother!

It is about to exist in the world a person as amazing as you. Mine knew what they were doing when they chose you to be my godmother!

My godmother is an amazing being. She always cares about me and when I see her my day gets brighter and more full of peace.

I have for you immense respect, and I feel your sincere love for me. It is a great satisfaction to be able to share with you so many moments and know that you are like a mother to me for free, without requiring anything.

godmother, you are the angel of my life. Thank you for being by my side at all times and never releasing my hand!

godmother, confidant, blackberry counselor, friend, mother, driver in her spare time … You are everything to me!

You didn’t generate me in your womb, but our souls were predestined to live this fraternal bond. You are and always will be the best godmother in the world!

godmother, I don’t deserve half the things you do for me. Thank you for so much love, zeal and affection that has given me for all these years.

Our relationship goes far beyond titles. We are like a mother and daughter … just don’t let Mom know this!

I am very happy for the constant help you give me, for the advice and all the affection. I am very happy to have you as my godmother.

Your heart is linked to mine for love, and this is more than enough to build an indestructible bond. I love you, godmother!

Having a godmother is wonderful, but having you godmother is perfect!

Dear godmother, I always ask the heavens to be protected wherever you want to go, that your smile never lacks me and that your presence is always as comforting as it has always been.

It was God who decided that you would be the right person to take care of me. May God give you even more wisdom and cover you with His grace, and our loop of love and affection never get rid of.

My godmother is special, guardian angel, love in person. You know exactly how to take care of me and have the best advice.

You have the sweetest smile in the world, the warmer hug and the most genuine heart. You are my second mother, one of the queens of my heart. I love you, godmother!

You believed me when I didn’t even believe myself, fought for me, prayed for me. He has always been by my side and next to my mother struggling to give me the best. Thank you for being my second mother, godmother!

Feeling the godmother’s love that comes from you is something so glorious that I can only thank you daily for your existence and dedication.

My godmother is my second mother, the one who calms me and supports me when my mother can’t do something for me. She is the certainty that in the end everything will be fine!

You say it was an honor to be invited to be my godmother, but what you don’t know is that the honor was mine for receiving an angel as guardian!

My godmother is an angel, I’m sure it was sent directly from the heavens to take care of me.

If all the bridesmaids in the world were like you, all the godchildren would be immensely lucky, but you are unique and I won in the lottery!

godmother, you taught me to have courage, fight for my dreams and not fear the obstacles of life and I am immensely grateful to have such a genuine mentor and guardian. I love you!

The shine that shines from your soul is the brightness of God’s grace and mercy. You are an illuminated person, godmother, and your light brightens the lives of all around you!

She is my godmother, more angel than human, those that creates superpowers when it comes to helping me, regardless of the situation.

The affective bond that surrounds sponsorship is magical, light and special. If you want to keep showing your love for this angel, also check out these affectionate goddaughter messages and quotes for godmother!

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