35 Friendship Day messages and quotes to celebrate this special bond

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The best moments of life are those divided with friends. These special people make their days more beautiful and fun, and make you understand the importance of having someone at all times. Celebrate this special bond and show yours how important are through these Friendship Day messages and quotes!

Friendship Day messages and quotes To Submit Dear Friends

Moments of happiness are even happier when we have friends by our side. Happy Friendship Day!

Nothing better than celebrating Friendship Day with the most special people of my life: you, my dear friends!

Happy Friendship Day! It is wonderful to have people so partner by my side that help me, advise me and make my life happier.

Enjoy Friendship Day to tell your friends how much you love them, admire and how grateful for their presence in your life.

With special friends like you, every day is perfect to celebrate friendship!

Today is Friendship Day, perfect time to live another adventure together. I love you friends!

When I am with you, my friends, every moment become unforgettable and special. Happy Friendship Day!

Happy Friendship Day for all my dear friends who are by my side regardless of the circumstances.

Our friendship is a precious good that must be celebrated every day. Happy Friendship Day, my great friend!

Every day I thank God for putting a friend as you put next to me. You are my guardian angel and I love him so much. Happy Friendship Day!

I will never forget all the follies we have already committed together and every moment we share with each other. I love you, friend! Happy Friendship Day.

friends forever is what we will be in spring or in any of the stations. In sad hours, in moments of pleasure, friends forever.

Your friendship is one of the most important things I have in my life. Thank you for being a great friend and partner. Happy Friendship Day!

friends are like the wind: sometimes close, sometimes far, but always eternal in our hearts. Happy Friendship Day!

We are more than friends, we are best friends forever. Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship is like the sun: it exists to illuminate our lives. Happy Friendship Day!

You always accompanied me in my follies and helped me when I needed it. I love you so much! Happy Friendship Day.

May God’s faith make us eternal friends! Happy Friendship Day.

True friends are by your side in sadness, joys, celebrations and farewells. True friends never abandon you. Happy Friendship Day!

When I asked God to take care of me, He sent me. Happy Friendship Day!

A real friend does not judge, but it helps; It does not condemn, but saves. A real friend is a true life partner. Happy Friendship Day!

Our friendship is rare, it is irreplaceable! Happy Friendship Day.

Having you as my friend is like having a protective angel always ready to help me. Thank you for everything! Happy Friendship Day.

A brother may not be a friend, but a friend will always be a brother. Happy Friendship Day!

A true friendship makes our lives happier and helps us to be better people every day. Happy Friendship Day!

One thing is certain: who is true is with you until the end. Happy Friendship Day!

We have been friends for so long that sometimes I think you know me more than myself. I love you my friend! Happy Friendship Day.

Having you in my life is a privilege for which I just have to thank! Happy Friendship Day.

Today is Friendship Day, the day of telling your friends how dear and loved they are. Don’t leave this for later!

friends, we will be together until the end. Happy Friendship Day!

Happy Friendship Day! Friend we don’t seek, the heart is the one who finds it.

colleagues give us their backs and leave. Friends put us on their backs and carry us when we need it most. Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship is not luck, it is surrender, it is unity, it is the best thing in life!

God that free me to be without you! Happy Friendship Day.

Much of the vitality of a friendship lies in respect for differences, not just enjoying similarities. Happy Friendship Day!

If you have a friend who is always by your side, at all times, and who shares the best of life with you, then you have everything!

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If friendship is a bond that is built every day, that these messages are the perfect motivation to strengthen this bond between you!

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