35 False Love messages and quotes to dedicate to the monster that hurt your heart

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After creating so many expectations, imagining a future together, a beautiful house and family, you realize you were stuck in a sea of ​​illusions. He believed in a feeling that never existed and the person you handed over your heart, in fact, was someone very different. With the messages and quotes of false love, you will be able to express all the anger and pain of your heart.

False love messages and quotes to dedicate to those who hurt you so much

You broke my heart and left without even hesitation. I never knew what it was like to love!

I showed you my most sincere part and you didn’t even have patience to look.

You pretended to love me as I delivered the best of me.

Of all the horrors you made me, the worst of them was to make me doubt love.

When it comes to love, there is no room for lack of character.

No love that grows in lies and falsehood is able to last.

You treated me as no human being should be treated. Worst of all was having the courage to call it love.

To repay your false love, I made a point of forgetting you.

My passion is not you. Thank you for showing this false love.

You disappointed me by changing my love for any case.

The more you surrender, worse will be your disappointment in love.

A false love will never become true.

You dropped me and my heart closed to disappointment.

Do not call your falseness of love. He is a feeling too pure for this.

I am disappointed, but not surprised by its falsehood.

You arrested me in a fake relationship and now a sea of ​​disappointments was left.

It is false the love that leads man to unworthiness.

The false love of oneself transforms loneliness into prison.

Your false love was only an obstacle in my life. I face him with his head held high.

When love is false, joys are fleeting while pain lasts.

Your love is as beautiful and real as plastic flowers.

You will always reap hatred until you learn to really love.

When you forget to love and respect your partner, love loses your roots and dies.

Lie in lie, you destroyed our love.

My former love, the falsehood you carry is so great that it has infected your whole heart.

To love is to be along with the head and the heart. Only one of them does not support a relationship.

I changed your fake love for chocolate and won.

falsehood does not resist the time. Especially false love.

Love left my heart and gave room for disappointment.

You left with your falseness and it was as if you had never been here.

go away and take your false love. If one day you loved me, I don’t believe it anymore.

After you are gone, all I do is try to forget your false love.

You tried to pretend you cared about me, but never got it.

I prefer you away from me than by my side for piety.

You always loved what I had, not what I was. None of this was real, just my disappointment.

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