35 Christmas messages and quotes for employees who thank this year’s partnership

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When the end of the year comes, it is important to record the gratitude for the dedication of your team and for all success achieved. This is a way to motivate them for the year that will start. For this, check out the best Christmas messages and quotes for employees and say how valuable to the company are!

Christmas messages and quotes for employees who value their dedication

We thank you for this year’s partnership. You were very important in everything we have achieved. May more achievements come to everyone next year. Merry Christmas!

We are a family and we want you to realize your dreams and have a lot of light in your walk. Merry Christmas!

May the Christmas spirit fill your heart with hope for a year even better that will come. It was great to share this cycle with you. It was not just our company that raised significant growth, but each of us. Merry Christmas!

In every year, you donated yourself and dedicated yourself. May you receive great rewards of every effort. Merry Christmas!

There were many achievements during this year and they would not be possible without you. Have a blessed and light Christmas!

I would like to register our thanks for walking by our side and helped us evolve. Merry Christmas!

May your tree be full of gifts and your heart is full of love. Ours is full of gratitude for working with you. Merry Christmas!

Your dedication is a gift we earned throughout the year. Merry Christmas and may your home be full of love and peace!

To our journey partners, we wish a Christmas full of light, peace, love and hope. May there be rebirth in all homes!

It is a blessing to count on your presence in our daily lives. You illuminate our work with your ideas. Thank you for everything. Merry Christmas!

That this Christmas you can rest from work alongside people who love you. Thanks for the dedication during this year. The Christmas spirit has been with us thanks to its collaboration throughout this cycle. Happy Holidays!

It’s time to celebrate people who are important to us, like you. We thank you for the usual dedication and support. Merry Christmas!

The year is coming to an end and we mean that without you we would not have won so many things. You are valuable to us. Merry Christmas!

Working with you this year was a great honor. May your Christmas be illuminated and full of love!

May this Christmas renew your hope, your strength and your will to live, and that we can gain great things next year.

We want to register our thanks this year and for everything we share. You are essential for our company. Merry Christmas!

Your dedication to our company is impeccable. Thank you for being an excellent employee and attentive friend, features that make our team a kind of family. Merry Christmas!

That, this Christmas, you get many gifts, affection and feel your renewed hopes. We count on you this year and we want this to repeat!

Thanks for all the strength, for creative solutions and for tranquility even in the most difficult times. Merry Christmas!

Your dedication is valuable to us and we want to thank you for dressing the company’s shirt and embracing our family this year. Merry Christmas!

It was a great pleasure to share knowledge and make such important exchanges with you this year. May your Christmas be full of light and peace!

You make our team more complete with your talent. That this partnership is even more intense next year. Merry Christmas!

We wish the most sincere wishes for good holidays and that you use this time to be with those who love. Until the next year. Merry Christmas!

We walked closely this year and went to meet you better and make so many exchanges with you. Merry Christmas and a great rest!

We wish our employees and friends, a blessed Christmas. Thanks for counting on you and seeing them growing and developing.

We had many goals during this year and you helped us complete them all. You are an essential piece of our company. Merry Christmas!

Your efforts were essential to our success. Know that our results are yours too. May the next cycle be further enlightened by your collaboration. Merry Christmas!

It is a great pleasure to share everyday life with you. Thank you for always cheering us up during the year. Have a Christmas full of joy!

This is a bright and very happy Christmas. You deserve great joys because you worked with a lot of commitment this year!

May we go walking together and achieving amazing results. Merry Christmas to you and your whole family!

May the energies be renewed and may peace follow you this year that is about to begin. Merry Christmas and a good rest!

We said goodbye this year with the certainty that we made the best choices for our team thanks to their collaboration. You are too much. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Our company is a gear that needs all parts to work. You are one of them and were essential throughout the year. Merry Christmas!

Celebrate Christmas with the certainty that your duty has been done and you did your best. Happy Holidays!

We are very grateful to your loyalty and to encourage us to overcome us during this year. May new challenges come. We know we can count on you. Merry Christmas!

It is very important to preserve the ties created during the year and ensured so many good results. Also take the opportunity to praise another successful partnership. Check out Christmas messages and quotes for customers and preserve them near you!

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