35 Chorão messages and quotes that are life lessons

By: Tranoniq.com

Life taught me never to give up. Neither win nor lose but try to evolve.

The desire to see you is greater than anything, there are no distances in my new world.

seeking a new direction that makes sense in this crazy world.

If living requires courage then live to be happy and not live in vain.

Who is real knows who is a lie.

Come that the good mood will dominate the world!

Do not belittle the duty that consciousness imposes you, value life!

good frames do not save bad paintings.

beautiful girl I want to live on your street, you missed …

It is no use expecting attitude of who does not have.

Difficult days have passed me, nothing happens for free, anyway …

Thank you all the time to have found you.

Happiness is being able to be with who you like somewhere …

You lost morals and who lost, lost!

Only love builds indestructible bridges.

A man when he is at peace does not want war with anyone.

My lifestyle releases my mind, I am completely crazy another conscious crazy.

Life runs through the streets in a meaningless search while the world lives in war for peace.

Far from you I go crazy much more I live in waiting for you to live life with you.

In fact it is good to remember, but it is better to live, I’m sorry I can’t wait for you.

Time is sometimes oblivious to our will, but only what is good lasts enough to become unforgettable.

Every day if I could I would be with you, I have seen you a lot before in my dreams I looked for a lifetime for someone like you.

The impossible is just a matter of opinion.

Difficult not to remember what you have ever forgotten.

Flowers are beautiful anywhere in the world, many people have shape but have no content.

But I have the strong saint, it’s amazing my luck.

But if it is to talk about something good I will always remember you.

TRAINS OF TIME They are like the wind, bringing the flowers to distant places. My thinking is the same as yours, but today my heart beats faster than before.

Men can speak but angels can fly. Who is real knows who is a lie.

Take care of who runs on your side and who wants you well. This is the purest thing.

I make my difficulty my motivation.

Let it live, let it stay, let it be as it is.

Everything I have I conquered in the race.

Your smile is worth more than a diamond.

Let’s live our dreams, we have so little time.

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