35 architectural messages and quotes for those who are in love with large projects

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To work with architecture is to design and build the culture of a society through lines and shapes. Considered an artistic manifestation, it is important to everyone, because in addition to offering safety and shelter, it also fills the eyes with its unique beauty. If you are in love with this area, you will love the selection of architectural messages and quotes we made next. Check it out!

Architecture messages and quotes that inspire new experiences

Architecture is only considered complete with the intervention of the human being who experiences it.

Nature is the work of art of God. Architecture is the work of art of men.

The purpose of the house is to provide a convenient and comfortable life, and it would be an error to value a solely decorative result too much.

Architecture is the will of a time translated into space.

It is through architecture that you know the history of a society.

Architecture is not an art, because anything that serves a goal is excluded from the sphere of art.

Architecture is a state of mind and not a profession.

The architecture of a place does not just delight for its beauty and exuberance, but also for all the culture it carries in its details.

Architecture should talk about your time and place, but it yearns for being timeless.

Architecture is art, and this has been in my spirit ever.

Architecture is art that determines the identity of our time and improves people’s lives.

From a trace is born the architecture. And when it is beautiful and creates surprise, it can reach, being well conducted, the higher level of a work of art.

Architecture is responsible for creating amazing works of art in every corner of the city.

Architecture is not a course, it is a path, path. Of all the arts, it satisfies me, it takes from me everything I am capable of. Even what I’m not, do me!

I often tell architectural students that it is not enough to leave school to be a good professional. The subject has to open to the world and not be behind the narrow view of the experts.

To be architect is to make the dream projection simple.

I admire the gift of architects of transforming simple ideas into grandiose works.

Architecture is the wise, correct and magnificent game of the volumes arranged in the light.

Architecture is the scientific art of making structures express ideas.

Real architecture is made with beauty, balance and reason.

Architecture carries the identity of a people through their lines, shapes and colors.

Architecture is something to live.

Architecture is a petrified song.

Architecture is the art that has and adorns in such a way the buildings erected by man, for any use, that see them can contribute to their mental health, power and pleasure.

Architecture is the physiognomy of nations.

Nothing enchants me more than observing the architecture of the places I visit. It is an experience that fills the eyes and beautifies the soul!

The first and primordial architecture is geography.

In architecture, less is only more when the most is too much.

Nothing in architecture is by chance. Everything has one because, a reason and an intention. Architecture is a complex study.

A good architecture is nothing more than a project that meets the customer’s needs with boldness, according to the region in which it is inserted.

The most important is not architecture, but life, friends and this unfair world we should modify.

Architecture is first of all construction. But, construction conceived with the primary purpose of ordering and organizing the space for a certain purpose and aiming at a certain intention.

It is through architecture that we discover the hidden riches in a particular culture.

I admire the poets. What they say with two words we have to express with thousands of bricks.

Favela is the legitimate manifestation of Brazilian architecture.

Architecture is an extremely important artistic expression. Take the opportunity to check out our selection of messages and quotes about art and see how these manifestations are good for everyone and enrich the cultures!

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